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Netflix’s latest docu-series The Big Day could not have dropped at a more appropriate time. In the middle of Valentine’s Day, the streaming giant drop three episodes (aptly titled Collection 1) to showcase various Indian themed weddings. The key word here though is extravagance and if you can go in with the knowledge this is only how 1% of Indians actually celebrate – with this level of money and flamboyance – you’re sure to find enough here to like.

Each episode covers two different couples, jumping sporadically between them both in a rather haphazard way. With a week countdown leading up to the big day, the three episodes rocket through the preparations before honing in on the celebrations. Given how quickly we blast through this though, one can’t help but feel a more conventional six episode series would have benefited the pacing of this a lot.

The first episode follows Divya and Aman who disagree over how long they’ve been together. Alongside them are Nikhita and Mukund who were raised in America but decide to head back and celebrate their marriage in their familial homeland of India.

The second episode follows Ami and Nitin who have been together for over a decade and believe opposites attract. Alongside them are couple Pallavi and Rajat. This is probably the weakest episode of the collection, with some serious bridezilla vibes going on here.

The third and final episode is easily the best of the bunch. Getting minimal screen-time are Gayeti and Aditya who met at a Pitbull concert but the real highlight comes from the other pairing we follow. Same sex couple Daniel and Tyrone are easily the most interesting pairing to show up in this collection, as we learn about their struggles coming out and eventually watch them get married.

With a litany of archival photos, montages and flamboyant displays throughout, The Big Day is a visually stimulating show designed to showcase the best of the best rather than showing a genuinely realistic depiction of what Indian weddings are like. As a keen traveler who’s fascinated with seeing rituals and traditions across the world, it’s perhaps a little disappointing that this takes such a Western slant when it comes to the production design.

The other problem here comes from the decision to follow two different couples in each episode. This gives little breathing room to actually settle down and become excited along with these brides, as the episode sporadically skips between the two pairings without really getting invested in their stories.

Despite all that though, if you’re in the mood for a simple docu-series following the more extravagant and flamboyant displays of Indian-themed wealth, you’re sure to have a good time. Those looking for a realistic depiction of Indian weddings however, will likely come away disappointed.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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