The Big 4 (2022) Ending Explained – Do Dina and the Big 4 save Pelor?

The Big 4 Plot Synopsis

While investigating her father Petrus’s death, Police Officer Dina discovers his true identity as the head and honorary father of a gang of assassins. After locating the four thugs her father trained; Alpha, Jenggo, Pelor, and their leader, Topan, Dina and the Big 4 become targeted by a psychopath called Antonio. When Antonio kidnaps the weakest member of the group, Pelor, Dina and the rest of the group must work together to save him.

Do the Big 4 and Dina beat Antonio and his guys?

After finding out where Antonio and his men are, Topan, Jenggo, Dina, and Alpha show up, guns blazing. They fight tooth and nail with Topan taking a knife through the hand. Antonio and Topan start fighting one-on-one and just when it looks like Antonio is about to fatally stab Topan, Dina appears (covered in blood).

She shoots at Antonio moments after he asks if she wants to know who really killed her father. Antonio is knocked to the ground, but Dina’s bullet doesn’t find a home. Antonio gets up and runs to the room Pelor is tied up in.

Is Pelor saved?

Topan runs to save Pelor and finds Antonio holding a knife to Pelor’s throat.  Antonio confesses he killed Petrus while revealing that he was working for someone. Topan gets the best of Antonio by calling him Saranto, the name given to him by Petrus. Topan takes out the dagger that Antonio earlier lodged in his hand and throws it at Antonio’s chest. Antonio then stumbles out an open window, securing Pelor’s safety.

How does The Big 4 end?

After a moment of recuperation, Dina, holding a pair of handcuffs, tells Topan that the police are on their way but they needn’t worry, the Big 4 will be treated fairly. However, Topan has other plans. He leans in and passionately kisses Dina. When he pulls away, Dina finds one handcuff to her and the other to the window frame. Before he leaves, he gives her Petrus’s old hat with a key attached to it.

The last scene ends with Petrus’s best friend Hassan, captain of the police force, discussing the survival of the Big 4 with a scary lady wearing an eyepatch. She stabs a big sword through Topan’s picture, declaring that she has “unfinished business.”

Hassan’s double-crossery is not much of a surprise, as viewers might be wondering what the point of his role was otherwise. But it is unclear who this mystery woman is. It seems likely that she is connected to Topan’s past. Perhaps she is a criminal whose operations were thwarted by Topan and the Big 4. Or maybe she is his long-lost mother? Hopefully, Director Timo Tjahjanto won’t keep us waiting too long to find out.


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