The Bequeathed – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Who are the killers, and what is their motive?

Episode 6 of The Bequeathed starts with Sang-min and Sung-jun talking to the village chief about the woman that Sung-jun ran into during his investigation of Myung-gil’s murder.  Sang-min and Sung-jun learn from the village chief about the location of Myung-hee’s house, but the detectives do not find her there. Later, they find evidence that Young-ho was kidnapped, and Sang-min thinks Seo-ha might have done it.

Soon after, they receive an update that Seo-ha is missing, too, as they find her car in a suspicious state with open doors and a board stuck under it. Sung-jun thinks that Myung-hee’s target was Seo-ha from the beginning and knows that Seo-ha is with Myung-hee. He asks Sang-min for Seo-ha’s number, but the call is rejected when he calls.

Sung-jun uses a different approach to spook Myung-hee and texts Seo-ha to call him back, or Young-ho dies. Sung-jun’s assumption is correct, and Myung-hee calls back, threatening that she will kill all of them if anything happens to Young-ho and he finds out where she is heading. 

Sang-min and Sung-jun arrive at the location given by Myung-hee. When the thugs hear the sirens, they decide to set everything on fire and escape. However, Sung-jun and Sang-min work together and apprehend them, but Sang-min gets shot in the leg. Back-up arrives in time, and they arrest the landlord, who almost got away. Sang-min orders Sung-jun to help Seo-ha and Young-ho and leave the rest to the team. 

Is Young-Ho a result of a love affair between a blood brother and sister?

When Seo-ha gains consciousness, Myung-hee tells her that she is her aunt and Young-ho’s mother. Seo-ha is confused since she knows Young-ho is her father’s child, and Myung-hee explains that Young-ho is her child and Seo-ha’s father’s child.

In a flashback, we see Seo-ha’s grandfather sending Myung-hee away from home so she can follow the man he had married her to. Seo-ha’s father pleads with his father to let Myung-hee stay since the man took the dowry and left without her, and in addition, the man is already married. Myung-hee runs to a cliff and wants to commit suicide, but Seo-ha’s father stops her. She begs him to let her stay by his side forever. 

Who is the killer, and what’s their motive?

The murder weapon is in Myung-hee’s hand, and when Seo-ha gains consciousness. Myung-hee says that she wants to ensure that Young-ho gets the burial grounds. Myung-hee could not claim the burial grounds and leave it to her son because then everyone would know the truth about the incest affair.

Myung-hee has tried to shield Young-ho from that truth since she understood the pain of ridicule. She had discussed it with her brother Myung-gil, and he had agreed to leave the land to Young-ho, but he died before he could change the inheritance. Therefore, Myung-hee can only protect her son by killing Seo-ha. 

After arriving at the location to save Young-ho, Myung-hee shoots a few more people and sets a car on fire before she is knocked out in front of the kiln. After saving Young-ho and Seo-ha, Myung-hee kills herself by running inside the burning kiln house, and then it collapses on her. 

What happens to Seo-ha and Young-ho?

Myung-hee almost kills her, but fortunately, she has Young-ho and uses him as a bargaining chip. She calls the landlord, and this time, he picks her up. She tells her not to harm Young-ho, or she will call the police. Tae-seong gives her an address and asks to meet to talk in person. However, the landlord intended to kill them both and burn them in the urn.

The man in charge of the urn tells him that if he wants to burn two people, he should put them in at the same time since opening up the urn in the process would hinder the process of turning them to ash. Young-ho begs the landlord not to kill his sister, but Tae-seong tells him to wait for Seo-ha and then roast them both. 

Myung-hee gives up Seo-ha as bait to give her time to plan how to save Young-ho. The thugs put her in the kiln next to Young-ho, sealed the kiln, and started the fire. Inside, Young-ho is still conscious, and he manages to set Seo-ha’s wrists free before passing out, and Seo-ha wakes up. Myung-hee helps create an opening, and Seo-ha manages to crawl out. She thinks of running away and leaving the mother and son, but she rethinks and decides to help get Young-ho out of the kiln.

Later, Seo-ha starts an art studio, and we learn from Sung-jun when he visits her that she is cleared of the kidnapping charges since Young-ho vehemently denies admitting that he was kidnapped. Seo-ha says they do not keep in touch, but not because she avoids him. 

What happens to Sung-jun?

On the way to rescue Seo-ha and Young-ho, Sang-min tells Sung-jun that his son misses him. We learn that Sung-jun never went to visit his son in prison. Sang-min tells him that he needs to see his son, while Sung-jun quits the police force, calls his son in prison, and promises to visit him often. 

How does the Bequeathed season 1 end?

Seo-ha inherits the land and decides not to sell it since it has been in their family for generations. Seo-ha has Myung-hee’s remains buried at the burial grounds beside her parents.

The Episode Review

The final episode brings a climactic end to the chilling season, revealing some truths that are hard to comprehend and leaving the viewers with psychological horror. Is Young-ho really a result of an incest relationship? I hoped there could be a twist like he is the son of the man who ditched her mother, and Seo-ha’s father stepped in because he loved her sister.

The series finale has some loose ends, like the landlord’s interest in the land. Did he do all that to get Seo-ha to buy his building and wed his daughter? I thought he was probably working for a person behind the golf course development, and they used the building as bait to get Seo-ha to sell the land.

Regardless, the episode ties up loose ends regarding the characters, including giving Seo-ha a new beginning, reconciling Sung-jun and Sang-min, Sung-jun and his son, and a conclusion of the murder cases. 

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  1. This was really a waste of time. The FL was so annoying and would never just come out and speak the truth about anything. Why was there a whole subplot about her stupid boss & colleague? That went nowhere. I mean, the whole show was a disappointment to me. I would have liked to see the detective who quit the force ask the FL out at the end. At least maybe one of them would finally smile. A big disappointment

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