The Bequeathed – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Murder of Seo-ha’s Husband

Episode 2 of The Bequeathed starts with a flashback explaining the complexities of the relationship between Sung-jun and Sang-min. The two detectives are on the lookout when the captain calls and asks one to return to the station and leave the other on the lookout.

Sang-min wants to go, but Sung-jun asks him to consider seniority. Sung-jun leaves his phone in the car, and he receives a message from his son with photographic proof that he has been kidnapped. Sang-min rushes to the scene to save Sung-jun’s son, but in the next scene, we see Sang-min being taken from the scene by an ambulance.

It turns out that the kidnap was a hoax, and Sung-jun’s son meant to stab his father. The injury meant for Sung-jun went to Sang-min. 

A phone call wakes Sung-jun from the flashback. He is called urgently to the station after a new incident about Seo-ha’s dead husband. The police are interrogating Seo-ha about the husband’s murder. She tells them the truth about hiring a private investigator to look into her husband’s cheating.

When she realises she is a suspect, she asks the police to look into the man who claims to be her half-brother, Young-ho. However, the police have already questioned him, and he has a solid alibi. Seo-ha runs into Young-ho on her way out of the police station, and she is terrified of him. 

Sungjun finds out from the forensic team that Seo-ha’s husband was shot by an old rifle, the type that is used for hunting buckshot. The killer then pulled him by the collar and dumped him under the bridge. If the assailant touched him during the dumping, they might be able to find some DNA.

The forensic expert mentions downsizing at the police station and thinks Sang-min might be the first person to lose his job. He believes it would be suitable for Sung-jun if Sang-min lost the job, but Sung-jun gives him an earful for the sentiments. 

Meanwhile, Sang-min takes the report for Myung-gil’s case to the police chief and tells him that they intend to investigate the two murders separately. At first look, the police chief knows that Sung-jun wrote the report, and he applauds his precision and military-like organisation in his reports.

Outside the chief’s office, Sang-min overhears some detectives saying that he will most likely lose his job during the upcoming round of restructuring. One of them thinks that since Sang-min cracked the case of Myung-gil’s murder, the one who should lose his job is Sung-jun.

The other one tells him that Sung-jun is the one who investigates all of Sang-min’s cases, which has been happening for a while. Therefore, if the police force decides to let go of Sung-jun, they will be letting go of their best asses which is stupid and unfair.

During a case meeting regarding the murder of Seo-ha’s husband, the detectives find out that he was killed using a 30-year-old rifle imported from America. Since they have a motive, sang-min instructs the detectives to ignore any connection to Myung-gil’s case and focus on Seo-ha and Young-ho.

Afterwards, Sang-min confronts Sung-jun in his office concerning the case report for Myung-gil’s case. He is angry because Sung-jun’s report makes it seem like Sang-min led the investigation and helped find out that the golf course development is the motive of Myung-gil’s murder.

Sang-min says that Sung-jun thinks of him as a joke and demands that he rewrite the report truthfully and indicate that he investigated on his own while Sang-min sent the other detectives on a wild goose hunt. 

Seo-ha calls Professor Kim and informs him about her husband passing away. During the funeral, Seo-ha hides in the bathroom when she overhears Professor Han and another colleague discussing Seo-ha’s misfortunes. She blames it on being born into an unlucky family. They think her family is followed by misfortunes as if paying for bad karma.

Later, Seo-ha asks Professor Han to leave and take the sheath she brought with her away. The private investigator arrives at the funeral, and on his way out, he mentions that his close friend is selling a building. He thought he should tell her since she inherited the burial ground, and he thinks she should sell the land.

Seo-ha sees Young-ho walking around the funeral house, so she runs after the private investigator and listens to the offer on the building. She learns the owner is rushing to sell the building and pay for his daughter’s wedding.

Back at the house, Seo-ha is plagued by nightmares about her husband’s death and Young-ho as the killer. She, therefore, agrees to give a meeting with the landlord a shot. 

The landlord offers to sell the building to Seo-ha at three billion won. Seo-ha says she does not have such an amount, but he seems also to be aware of the land she inherited. He thinks she can sell the land, use the money as a deposit, and then secure loans utilising the building as collateral since she is salaried.

When Seo-ha says that she might not access the inheritance for a while since there is a case, the landlord offers to help her eliminate the obstacles. 

Seo-ha sees Young-ho exiting her building with blood on his hands. Inside, she follows drops of blood on the floor to her dor, which is smeared with blood and different ritualistic signs.

At the end of the episode, Seo-ha flashes back to when she was a little girl and witnessed her father going through a shaman ritual to cleanse the possessed as her mother stood on the side. She cries when her father throws a fit and starts wrecking everything in sight as her mother shields her from the view. 

The Episode Review

How many people know about her inheritance, and why do they want her to sell it? The private investigator seems to be manipulating her, and he might be in league with the landlord. They are all eager to make her sell the land to the extent the landlord offers to help her eliminate obstacles.

The episode introduces the aspect of ritualistic religion. How does it tie to the plot? Is Young-ho dangerous? In this episode, Seo-ha seems genuinely frightened of Young-ho and also naïve. Who do you think killed Seo-ha’s husband? Is the motive related to the burial grounds? 

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