The Believers Season 1 Review – An interesting show that delves into the controversial topic of profiting from religion

Season 1

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Episode 1 -| Review Score – 4/5
Episode 2 -| Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode 3 -| Review Score – 4/5
Episode 4 -| Review Score – 4/5
Episode 5 -| Review Score – 4/5
Episode 6 -| Review Score – 4/5
Episode 7 -| Review Score – 4/5
Episode 8 -| Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode 9 -| Review Score – 3/5

The Believers is a Thai drama that follows the story of three friends, Win, Dear, and Game. The three are about to make it big as the popularity of the NFT game they created is soaring, and the price of the game tokens is on a steady rise. However, disaster strikes when the token price drops drastically on a fateful day because someone hacked their system and installed a virus.

The friends and business partners try their best to save their game, but nothing works because they make more losses from people withdrawing their investments in the game tokens. Their troubles start when their creditor, a ruthless loan shark, asks for his money back plus interest accrued for failure to make the first payment on time.

After encountering the loan shark’s men, which leaves Win badly injured, he decides to take a break from everything and heads to his hometown. A visit to the temple with his mother gives Win a brilliant idea of making money first without breaking any rules by running a temple. 

The Believers perfectly combines elements of a crime thriller, drama, and social commentary in its narrative. It delves into the theme of opportunities to profit from religion as old as time and takes a unique perspective by exploring this through the lens of Buddhism. Their tale is more refreshing since the three friends do not try to pretend that their religious interests are noble.

In addition, the script gives Win, Dear, and Game troublesome backgrounds with estranged families, giving viewers reasons to root for them. Although they use religion to profit, they do not do anything contrary to what the believers already believe in; they only use their intelligence and skills to market a rundown temple and bring in customers.

The narrative proves how easy it is to mooch off people because of their religious beliefs and leads the viewers to question the legalities of it all. Are there any laws that can protect believers from people who prey on their religious beliefs? 

The characters Win, Game, and Dear do a fantastic job playing the roles of frustrated young people who are not lazy but are taken advantage of by capitalists who only value money. Win is the group’s brain, and he comes up with all the exciting ideas to bring in more money. He is always drunk, self-centred, manipulative, and lacks empathy.

Game is a people person because he is sociable, charming, has a sense of humour, is enjoyable, and is easy to talk to. He is the public relations person of the trio. Dear is the design person who is tech savvy and is responsible for visualizing Win’s ideas. She is brilliant in design plans, both architectural and in arts. She is quiet but a natural leader, meticulous, organized, and empathetic. 

The supporting characters do a fantastic job advancing the narrative; the most interesting is Monk Dol. He undergoes the most exciting character development arc as the script uses him to advance an exciting romance plot when he starts to fall in love with Dear. Monk Dol is authentic, optimistic and good with words, carrying a soothing voice that makes him magnetic. Win’s mother represents the firm believers who would do anything for their beliefs, and nobody can deter them. 

The main let-down in the series stems from an introduction of a subplot about drugs somewhere in the middle that takes away from the central premise and makes the story development a little confusing. It brings many complications into the plot, and since the confusion is not resolved by the end of the series, it forms a big complicated puzzle, and one has to wait for the next season to understand it. Regardless, The Believers is an exciting show you should add to your Netflix watch list. 

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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