The Bay – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Going Through The Motions

Episode 5 of The Bay Season 2 begins with Lisa getting dressed and regretting what’s just happened with Andy. As she asks him to leave, Andy hurries out the house just as Abbie returns.

At work, Madeline Hookway is under the spotlight, and specifically who in the family knew about Oliver and his birth parents. Given Lisa is serving as the FLO, she takes Rose back home and gently mentions Oliver’s birth parents. It turns out only Rose, Stephen and Bill knew about Oliver, with Rose admitting she didn’t think this was relevant to the investigation.

Bill is called in to the station for questioning. Specifically, he’s asked about his involvement with Breakwater. It turns out he’s been involved with them for nearly 12 years and he even served as the company secretary for them too. After slipping up by saying we (we referring to him and Stephen), Manning asks about Liam Spalden, the Company Director of Breakwater.

After a short recess to bring his lawyer in, Manning and Lisa bring up the three properties that were used for illegal activities. He doesn’t seem too bothered and when Manning mentions Liam Spalden again, he drops the bombshell that this man actually died 16 years ago. As he shows documents from Lyn’s hard drive with his signature, Manning walks into a dead end as Bill leaves and Lisa reminds him this can’t be used in court.

When Pearson hears what’s happened he’s furious, realizing this is going to make the investigation that much harder. Well, back home Bill opens up to Mark and admits that he kept his son out of what happened with work because he didn’t want him to be liable. As Rose and Stella join them in the living room, the truth comes out.

The company was going down so in a bid to try and save them all, Bill signed a deal with the devil. He admits he doesn’t know if this is the reason Stephen was killed. Well, so far there’s a solid reason for Madeline to want Stephen dead, adding another possible suspect to the list.

That evening, Manning runs into problems when Ellen asks again for a divorce. Drowning his sorrows in alcohol, Lisa grabs Andy and together they head in to collect him from the bar. They bring him back home and let her boss sleep on the sofa.

With Manning crashed out, Lisa begins to question just what she’s doing. Only, midway through she’s called away by the police as our man with the double-headed wrist tattoo shows up in the police station.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of The Bay sees our characters going through the motions. Specifically, we see both Lisa and Manning struggling with their own personal lives. While some of these scenes help to add substance to the show, the situation involving Rob and his love life most certainly does not.

While it’s nice to see Rob’s best friend open up and admit he’s homosexual, did we really need this in the episode? What does it actually add to the plot line?

Furthermore, the issues with Andy – unless they tie into the main storyline of course – just feel like an excuse to have Lisa go through more turbulent issues back home.

However, the actual case continues to intrigue and the ending certainly leaves the door open for a dramatic finale to come. Aside from that though there really isn’t a whole lot going on in this episode, as characters reinforce what we already know. Hopefully this is just a deep breath before the final plunge.

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  1. He was the driver of the stolen car stopped by police when the DI was drunk in the pub. I think we were meant to think it was the DI getting done for drink driving.

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