The Bay – ITV Mini-Series – Episode 2 Recap & Review


The Plot Thickens

As the town reel over Dylan’s death, DS Armstrong braces herself for the worst as she watches the interview with Sean in her office.

Knowing they can only hold Sean for 24 hours with no substantial evidence, the police rally together to try to piece together his actions that night. The night he slept with DS Armstrong in an alleyway. This adds another element of tension to the fold as the police get to work trying to find the missing girls whilst finding evidence linking Sean to Dylan’s murder.

It’s quickly revealed that Nick Mooney had an altercation with Dylan near the youth centre while a news story leaked on the internet sets the Twins’ family reeling. With no evidence to go on, Sean is released, leading DS Armstrong to confront him over his actions that night. It turns out he was with one of his friends’ wives during the time his actions were unaccounted for, having sex behind his wife’s back. With his alibi checked out, the search for suspects begins all over again.

This leads the police back to Nick Mooney where they eventually end up arresting him after chasing him through the streets. The police get to work on interviewing Nick, quizzing him about the message in the card he left saying “I’m sorry”. After refusing to answer most of the questions from the police, Nick does reveal that he and Dylan had an argument that night.

As DS Armstrong struggles to juggle her home and work life, Sean shows up and follows Mooney home in his van. Meanwhile, Armstrong tries to talk some sense into her daughter but before she gets a chance to do that, she’s called down to the bay where the divers have found Holly’s bag out at sea. With Sean caught in a whirlwind of rage, he puts his foot down on the accelerator and we end with Mooney pedalling away as fast as he can.

While The Bay doesn’t necessarily have any outstanding moments, it’s just about endearing enough to keep you watching to find out what’s happened. The girls’ family all appear to be withholding information from the police and as information is drip-fed to us, it’s done with enough intrigue to keep you coming back for more. Whether the girls themselves are still alive or not, The Bay looks set for a dramatic set of episodes to follow.


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