The Baxters – Season 1 Episode 10 “A Guide to Guilt” Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Guide to Guilt

John and Elizabeth track down Ashley and comfort their daughter. Ashley blames herself for Colton’s death, but John reassures her that it is not her fault. That unfortunate night, both Ashley and Colton were taken to the hospital. John, Ashley’s father and the only doctor available that day, faces a difficult decision.

Colton’s injuries were fatal, but Ashley, who was pregnant with Cole at the time, could be saved. John decided to operate on Ashley, saving both her and Cole’s lives. John is convinced that he made the decision any rational doctor would have made in that situation.

What happens to Tim?

Ryan and Kari attempt to reason with Dirk, but he is hell-bent on punishing Tim for what he did to Angela. Kari tells Dirk that if he wants Angela’s love, he must earn it instead of obsessing over her. Eventually, Ryan and Kari are able to persuade Dirk to let them go, and he leaves.

However, on his way out, Dirk sees Tim and shoots him in the chest. Tim is rushed to the hospital, but his condition is critical due to losing too much blood. At the hospital, Kari feels a shooting pain in her stomach and goes into labour.

John and the entire Baxter family gather at the hospital to support Kari and Tim. Unfortunately, Tim becomes unresponsive and flatlines on the operating table.

What happens in the end?

The show jumps ahead three weeks, and we find that Kari has given birth and is now a mother. She receives a special cake that Tim had ordered before his death. Elizabeth has also transformed the storage room into a nursery with the help of Lilian, who finally decided to lend her a hand. Lilian also thanks Elizabeth for giving her the opportunity to grieve and find closure.

Elsewhere, Erin, Kari’s sister, visits and reminds her that she is not alone and that she can always rely on her siblings in times of pain and need. Kari worries that her sadness will dampen everyone’s Christmas spirit, clueless that her family is her greatest source of strength and support. Erin also asks Kari to reconsider attending the Christmas tree lighting ceremony the next day.

Ashley also matures into a responsible mother and daughter after finding closure. She is no longer late to family events, birthdays, or festivities.  As the episode draws to a close, the entire family, including Kari, gathers at the house for the Christmas tree lighting. Ryan also arrives at the house, hoping to speak with Kari.

He informs her that he is leaving for New York the next day and wants to check on her. Kari thanks Ryan for his help and support during that tragic night. Ryan asks Kari to take care of herself and Jennie, and the episode ends with the two sharing a warm and friendly hug.

The Episode Review

The final episode of The Baxters hit us right in the feels. We thought Dirk would threaten Kari and Tim but ultimately see the error of his ways and leave. However, we never expected things to escalate as they did. Dirk ends up shooting Tim, who tragically passes away on the surgery table, leaving Kari to raise their daughter alone.

The Baxters have a reputation for sticking together and helping one other out when things become tough. We have no doubt that Kari will find the fortitude to tackle this tough chapter of her life with the love and support of her family.

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