The Baxters – Season 1 Episode 3 “Irreconcilable Differences” Recap & Review

Irreconcilable Differences

Episode 3 of The Baxters begins with Tim showing up at Elizabeth’s house, asking to see Kari. Elizabeth informs him that Kari isn’t home, and Tim leaves after dropping the envelope, possibly containing divorce papers. Elizabeth smells alcohol in Tim’s breath, which is odd as everyone knows Tim abhors drinking. Elizabeth also asks why Tim is doing this to Kari, and he sort of responds that this is none of her business. 

When Kari returns, Elizabeth asks how long Tim has been drinking, but Kari says that Tim doesn’t even touch alcohol. Kari believes that Tim isn’t himself, and that’s why he is doing all this. Elizabeth also hands Kari the envelope, containing the divorce papers, which Kari was dreading to see. 

In the university, Angela confronts Dirk for telling Kari about her and Angela. Dirk tries to convince Angela that Tim is a predator and is manipulating her so he can have his way with her. However, Angela says that Tim is no such thing and warns Dirk to stay away from her. She also makes it clear that they’re never going to be a thing. 

Elsewhere, Ashley still tries to convince Kari to let go of Tim and get back together with Ryan. Ashley argues that even though Kari doesn’t admit it, she still harbours some feelings for Ryan. This doesn’t sit well with Kari, and she asks Ashely to leave her alone. 

Kari is having a hard time thinking about her next move. She tries calling Tim, but he ignores her call. Thus, she shows up unannounced at Tim’s new place, asking why he isn’t picking up his calls. Once again, Kari tries to convince Tim to get back with her, but Tim asks her to accept the reality and move on.

Kari returns Tim the divorce papers, which she hasn’t signed, and also reveals that she is pregnant. However, Tim chooses to keep this news away from Angela for a while and says that Kari has suggested they see a counsellor. 

Kari meets pastor Mark, the one man she believes can help her marriage. Kari opens up to Mark that Tim is now living with a different woman and wants a divorce. Kari continues that she’s expecting and desperately wants to fix her marriage, and Mark responds that God will show her the way.

Mark also advises her to pen a couple of letters to Tim as if he was still her husband. The episode ends with Pastor Mark praying for the Baxters, especially Kira and her husband, Tim. 

The Episode Review

Kira finds herself at a critical juncture in life. Despite her family’s urging to leave her husband, she remains convinced that she can repair her marriage. Now pregnant, she reveals that Tim has always wanted a child, suggesting that this might be a turning point in their relationship.

It’s possible that Tim could change his mind about the divorce and seek to reunite with his wife. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how Kira’s pregnancy affects Angela and Tim’s relationship.

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