Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run (2024) Ending Explained – Is Bouquet able to bring about peace?

Plot Summary

The film takes place in 1763, in Western Pennsylvania, at a time when tension is mounting in the American Colonies. Britain has just defeated France in the Seven Years’ War, causing the French to abandon America.

The Native people, who sided with the French in combat are worried that the British might come after them in retaliation. So, they launch an attack against the British, targeting their forts and killing the soldiers and settlers residing within.

The tribespeople’s ultimate objective is Fort Pitt, which is guarded by Captain Simon Ecuyer. After he sends out a call for help, Colonel Henry Bouquet is tasked with leading a ragtag group of British soldiers, Scottish Highlanders and American volunteers to save the hundreds of men, women and children facing certain death and torture at the fort.

Bouquet is not a man who believes in needless war, however. He wants a peaceful resolution between his troops and the tribespeople. 

In this ending explained article for Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run, we ask the question: Is Henry Bouquet able to bring about peace?

How does the film begin?

The film begins in the aftermath of the Seven-Year War. The French have abandoned America, so the British are in good spirits. Among the celebrating officers is Colonel Henry Bouquet who, near the start of the film, is invited to a ball by his beloved, an American socialite named Anne Willing. 

Unfortunately, there is more fighting to come. Ottawa Chief Pontiac has convinced local tribes to launch attacks on the British because he is worried they might come after them for their part in the Seven Year War. 

Near the beginning of the film, we see a group of tribespeople visit Fort Michilimackinac with the promise of peace. But when the British allow them inside, the tribe launches an assault, killing everyone in the fort and setting the stronghold on fire. 

One of their next targets is Fort Pitt, which is under the command of Captain Simon Ecuyer. When he learns the Indians have relocated their women and children to a safer place, he realizes that they are preparing for war. Afraid his fort will be targeted, he sends out a request for help. That help comes in the form of Colonel Henry Bouquet.

What does Bouquet do?

After discovering several forts have fallen to the Indian tribes, he sets out to protect the people besieged at Fort Pitt. He quickly assembles a force of around 500 men, which includes British troops, American volunteers, and Scottish Highlanders. 

On his journey to Fort Pitt, he gathers others to his cause, one of whom is initially unwilling to help. This is a man named Lt. Francis Gordon, who had previously left his men to die after abandoning his post at Fort Venango. Bouquet can see through Gordon’s lies when the man tries to excuse his actions but enlists him to help in the oncoming battle anyway.

What happens at Bushy Run?

Bouquet recognizes that his troops are outnumbered so he formulates a plan of attack. He instructs some of his men to trick the attacking tribe into thinking they are fleeing from the assault. He then tells the Highlanders to circle to the back of the tribesmen so they can attack from behind. 

When the tribe descends on the troops, they flee as instructed. But as per Bouquet’s instructions, they then stop, turn, and launch an attack on the tribe using their bayonets. The Indians are then attacked by the Highlanders from behind and are ultimately vanquished in the double-sided onslaught.

Does Henry Bouquet bring about peace?

After winning the battle, Bouquet and his men head to Fort Pitt, where they rejoice in their victory. One man who doesn’t rejoice is Lt. Francis Gordon. He had believed all of his men had died at the hands of the Indians but one of them survived and made his way to Fort Pitt. After telling Bouquet the truth about Gordon, Bouquet orders Gordon’s execution.

A short while later, Bouquet visits Chief Pontiac and asks him to return those he had abducted. If Pontiac does as asked, Bouquet assures the tribe leader that there could be peace between the two factions. Pontiac agrees, so the war between them comes to an end.

At the end of the film, Bouquet returns to Anne and tells her he has fought his last war. The film closes with the two of them kissing. If you’re interested in knowing more about Bouquet and his life after Bushy Run, you can read the information printed here


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