The Bastard Son – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Prophecy

With Gabriel caught under Mercury’s spell, Annalise and Nathan arriving at Wolfhagen, while Soul is about to attack, everything is left precariously hanging on a knife edge as we begin the finale.

Does Gabriel get his memory back?

Episode 8 of The Bastard Son begins with a flashback involving Gabriel. His parents encourage him to be taken in by Mercury, but under the pretence that he becomes something far ore valuable in the future. Naturally, Mercury is cold and unloving, but Gabriel, with his familiar book we’ve seen through the season, is encouraged to write down the names of all those people he cares about as a way of combatting the yellow memory-loss powder.

Of course, Nathan’s name is written down inside and Gabriel looks over this in the morning after Mercury blew the dust in his face. It seems to work too, and Gabriel remembers his time with Nathan throughout the season. He also remembers falling off the water tower and their kiss. More crucially though, he remembers his mission and grabs the vial of blood before leaving.

Mercury shows up in the hallway though, and questions what Gabriel’s doing. When Gabriel reveals that he’s remembered everything, Mercury suddenly embraces her darkness as clouds of black swirl around her and a bloodcurdling, otherworldly scream consumes her. Thankfully, Gabriel manages to escape her wrath.

Does Soul take Annalise’s power?

Outside Wolfhagen, Nathan walks away from Hugo and Nicky, nonchalant to the guns in his face and telling them all the prophecy is pointless. After all, Marcus is only interested in revenge and if they really want to help, they should kill the Fairborn Hunters.

The gang decide to take him up on the offer, just in time as Jessica persuades Soul inside to take Annalise’s Decimation power. Just before he does, the Bloods burst in and attack.

Nathan heads inside, where he and Ceelia have a nice little reunion before heading off on their respective missions. Ceelia confronts Soul and tells him she’s not afraid of monsters anymore, questioning his honour, as the pair prepare to trade blows.

Does Annalise kill Jessica?

Elsewhere in the mansion, Jessica follows Annalise and taunts her with a dagger, determined to make her pay. Jessica even suggests they team up together to take out the Fairborns. Annalise is having none of it and fights her off. Jessica is defeated, but she’s not killed.

Gabriel returns to the mansion, just in time to have a reunion with Nathan and hand over his blood. Unfortunately, he’s struck in the process and the blood vial is smashed to bits. Nathan’s salvation and chance of survival goes up in flames.

Still, the pair work together and calm down Annalise, who they find in the hallway panicked and scared. Ceelia is in a world of trouble, forced to watch as Soul decimates the Bloods who attempt to attack him in the lounge. Soul makes swift work of them all and walks away, heading out into the woods but leaving Ceelia alive to watch his monstrous actions. This is, of course, a cruel act following Ceelia telling him earlier she’s not afraid of monsters anymore.

Nathan and the others rush inside, just in time to see Ceelia bleeding out. They’re completely crushed. Jessica is gone too, while the trio remaining – Nathan, Gabriel and Annalise – try to plot their next course of action. They decide to go and find Soul, and on the way trouble ensues.

Does Nathan find his father?

Soul uses Bjorn’s powers and freezes both Gabriel and Annalise so he can fight Nathan one on one. Knowing he’s helpless and unable to fight back, he rushes off deeper into the woods.

In doing so, Nathan finds his father, Marcus. Marcus goes on to mention how his mother’s husband was a Fairborn witch and when it came time for his death, he died with a smile. It turns out the man had a gift for knowing exactly when he was going to pass. He’d already resigned himself to his fate, hence the smile.

Through him, Marcus met Nathan’s mum and loved her deeply. She loved him too and the reason he fled was to try and protect the pair. He believed that in doing so, the Fairborn Council wouldn’t come for them – but he was wrong.

“Is the prophecy true?” Nathan asks, holding a knife up to his father’s throat. Marcus retorts that it is and offers him 3 gifts. The first comes from him slicing his own wrist and allowing Nathan to drink, hence saving his life. Secondly, he mentions the last words his mother uttered before she passed away, including how she was adamant she’d love him regardless of what he ends up becoming, good or evil. Thirdly, he tells Nathan to avenge his mother and grandmother by killing Soul.

With Marcus gone, Nathan takes his knife and heads deeper into the woods. He comes face to face with Soul, but during a monologue from the latter, Nathan stabs him with a knife. Gabriel and Annalise also jump in too, just in time for Soul to realize the prophecy is true. “His own blood will kill the Wolf,” He repeats incredulously, as Annalise uses her Decimation power to kill him.

How does The Bastard Son end?

Jessica wanders off into the countryside where, with rain lashing down, she finds a strange ethereal portal. This brings her in the presence of Mercury, who introduces herself as someone who likes to help people. She admits she can’t fix Jessica’s power but is happy to help her get revenge on those who broke it.

As the episode closes out, Nathan looks over at the ground and notices Soul’s heart, realizing this could be the key.

The Episode Review

So The Bastard Son comes to a close with a climactic and action-packed final chapter, one that manages to do a great job with the characters, whilst fulfilling that prophecy with Annalise and leaving plenty of plot threads open for a possible second season to follow.

The show has been a nice blend of different influences, and for the most part the effects have been great, whilst the story has progressed nicely across these 8 episodes. Seeing the gang head off to France and seeing how that ties into this wide spanning story is a nice touch, whilst Nathan’s chat with Marcus at the end is a definite highlight.

Either way, this fantasy series comes to a decent close with a compelling and intriguing ending. It certainly can’t end there right? Let’s hope Netflix renew this one!


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