The Atypical Family – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Atypical Family continues with Gwi-ju’s promise to save Da-hae. Later, when Gwi-ju takes a call with I-na’s homeroom teacher, Da-hae dashes out unnoticed, heading straight to the sauna to try to explain to her uncle that the Bok family has superpowers, but in vain. Meanwhile, Gwi-ju chats with I-na’s teacher and learns that Hye-rim is I-na’s friend, not her bully. On the way back home, I-na feels humiliated by Gwi-ju’s interference in her school life, making her situation awkward with Hye-rim.

Since he doesn’t find Da-hae at home, Gwi-ju visits the sauna, where her uncle helps him meet her. Da-hae explains that she doesn’t want to be involved with the Bok family anymore while Gwi-ju asks for her help with I-na’s case. Da-hae asks him to send her luggage back to the sauna and convey her goodbyes to his family.

From this moment on, Gwi-ju decides to clean up his act. He cleans his room for the first time in many years and makes breakfast for I-na—though a bit burnt, the sentiment counts, doesn’t it? Later, he ends up at the sauna again, trying to change Da-hae’s mind but to no avail. Da-hae agrees to help with I-na one last time and meets I-na after school. As Da-hae comically tries to use telepathy to communicate with I-na, I-na explains that she cannot read Da-hae’s thoughts with her glasses on and needs to be close due to her myopic vision. Da-hae later informs Gwi-ju that I-na doesn’t seem like she’s been bullied; rather, she might be trying to please the only friend she has made in years.

On one hand, Gwi-ju begins working out; on the other, Man-heum’s insomnia makes her cranky. She decides to send Dong-hee to spy on Il-hong at the sauna. Dong-hee overhears Grace at the sauna, and as Il-hong tries to distract Dong-hee, she gives Dong-hee a massage that helps her lose 3 kg in a day. Dong-hee correctly interprets their scheme and informs the family about Grace’s presence at the sauna.

While Man-heum dwells on her mistake of trusting Da-hae too soon, Gwi-ju shows them that his powers have returned because of Da-hae. Thus, Gwi-ju and his family are forced to acknowledge that their powers have something to do with Da-hae.

Elsewhere, I-na visits the adventure park with her dance club friends. Hye-rim asks her to bring Jun-woo to the carousel, the one whom both Hye-rim and I-na like, as she plans to confess to him. However, while waiting for Hye-rim, Jun-woo ends up confessing to I-na, and Hye-rim sees them together and leaves.

In the meantime, Gwi-ju visits Da-hae again and, in an attempt to please her family, ends up peeling onions with Da-hae when Man-heum and Soon-gu arrive at the sauna. Man-heum is shocked to see Gwi-ju, and Il-hong offers for her to rest. Man-heum informs Il-hong that they’ve agreed to register Gwi-ju and Da-hae’s marriage. Il-hong, in return, offers a massage where Man-heum finally falls asleep. Amidst Da-hae’s fears, when she wakes up, she’s had a proper dream and dashes out of the sauna. She later asks Gwi-ju to stay away from the sauna.

The next day, Gwi-ju visits Da-hae with her favorite flowers and proposes to her, informing her that his mother dreamt of their wedding. Da-hae and her scammer family rejoice over their successful mission, but it seems Da-hae feels unsure about it all.

We jump to the wedding day where everybody is preparing for Gwi-ju and Da-hae’s wedding. This is when Hye-rim visits I-na and returns all her gifts, signifying the end of their friendship. Meanwhile, Dong-hee is able to make Grace confess about Da-hae adding sleeping pills to Man-heum’s tea. Dong-hee rushes to find it with Grace hot on her heels. Dong-hee finds a ring in Da-hae’s luggage, and Grace tries to stop her, but Dong-hee accidentally falls from the first floor and floats, much to Grace’s surprise.

At the wedding, with everyone gathered, Da-hae and Gwi-ju walk down the aisle. Da-hae remembers how Soon-gu mentioned that Gwi-ju has experienced tough situations in his life, and if it happened once more, he wouldn’t be able to go on. Right before their vows, Da-hae blurts out that she’s a fraud and unravels her family’s plan to take over the Bok family building, then leaves. While everyone is shocked, Man-heum was already aware of this outcome.

The Episode Review

With this episode, the scamming trope finally comes to an end. Much of the episode had Gwi-ju visiting the sauna even though he recognized that his relationship with I-na is strained. Although he seems to have gotten his act together by starting to care for his daughter for once, he still seems preoccupied with saving Da-hae instead.

Moreover, the Bok family knows about Il-hong’s criminal history, yet Man-heum asks Dong-hee to investigate, which she does quite sloppily, instead of hiring a professional investigator, even though they consulted one previously for a background check on Da-hae’s family. These plot motivations don’t really add up and contribute to a rather unimpressive episode.

However, now that the entire fraudster arc has ended, we can hopefully look forward to some substantial plot and character developments, especially with I-na, who still remains the most interesting and complex out of them all.

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