The A List – Season 2 Episode 8 “Who We Really Are” (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Who We Really Are

Episode 8 of The A List Season 2 starts this finale with Midge and Amber staring each other down. With drained bodies around them, frightening visions of the past suddenly start bleeding through. Midge refuses to give up, deciding to exact her revenge.

When Mia awakens, she finds herself in a strange room. A typewriter repeats the words “I hate Mia” while Midge suddenly shows up before her. Apparently this room is where Midge hid out while Amber took her body. This, in turn, is where Mia is going to stay when Midge uses her newfound strength to take over Mia’s body as a new vessel. However, Amber manages to pull her out and save Mia from an unfortunate fate.

The purple crystal we’ve been seeing happens to be the source of the animosine; it’s also where Amber’s powers originated from. The only way to stop this is going to be destroying the crystal which happens to hold Midge’s power. If they can do that, it will in turn destroy Midge.

At the grave site, Luka and Dev show up and join the party. It seems the caves under the island are where the animosine is located. In order to destroy it, Mia and Alex decide to head back to the control room. Whatever’s in the barrier around the Institute seems to be what’s keeping the animosine out. Using this could well be the key here and they deduce that this could destroy the crystal completely. However, Midge is still lurking about.

When Alex and Mia get in the facility, Mia decides to try and save Midge and be with her. While she leaves, Dr Shaw shows up and helps Alex turn everything off. She also warns that if she tries to leave the way she came, she won’t make it out. There’s a higher authority out there that wants to use animonise as a bio-weapon but so far, Dr Shaw has stopped them.

Remember when that shadow touched Luka? Well, it’s left a strange symbol on his arm. It turns out he’s been marked by one of the ghosts. According to Amber he “belongs to the island” now.

Amber takes the animosine from him and in exchange puts the knowledge surrounding the source inside him. Amber decides against joining the others down to the caves though and heads off on her own.

Back at the Institute, the kids head underground while Mia speaks to Midge and pleads with her to stop. She knows the island is trying to hit back and encourages Midge to see sense. She pricks her finger on a rose and reminds her of their blood sisters ritual.

Underground, Alex stabs the animosine and it seems to do the trick. The glowing purple stops and the ghosts all disappear. Midge also snaps out of her entranced state and share a final goodbye. Midge disappears, prompting a teary Mia to walk away from the Institute with her head held high.

On he back of this, Luka decides to turn himself in and stop running now. Dev and Mia hook up outside while Amber arrives and is now very much alive. Midge and Sam walk away as ghostly figures, fading into eternity as it seems the island drama is done and dusted now.

We then cut forward six weeks later. The kids are back on the mainland and Harry is still alive and made it out safely. All the kids gather together, while Amber is off on her own. In fact, she catches up with Iris and Cullen and seems intent on starting a brand new life.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to the island once more as the animosine seems to awaken again.

The Episode Review

The A List bows out its final episode with as conclusive an ending as it possibly could give. The series has done well to at least attempt to close out all the loose threads and while it could have been better, the show does explain some of the lore and ideas this one has been playing with all this time.

There’s still not much explanation surrounding the higher authorities or where these hazmat suit wearing goons disappeared to but the mystery around the animosine is at least conclusive enough to round things out nicely.

There’s been a lot of twists and turns along the way and for the most part The A List has kept things suitably engaging and interesting across the season.

While it seems unlikely that this show will return for a third season, you never know with Netflix. In a way, this second season has improved on the issues with the first while also allowing more of the lore to bleed through.

It’s not perfect, and the show is certainly not without its issues, but there’s at least an attempt made here to try and close everything out from 2018’s opening season. For that alone, it makes the second season worth watching.

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  1. The hazmat people were affected by Amber when they were searching resulting in them having nightmares judt like everyone affected by Amber was, that was explained when you saw them with Amber and when Doctor Shaw said how they were still having nightmares.

  2. Hey Lapis, thanks for commenting.

    I did mention that in the episode 5 recap and mostly the questions were around how Fitz knew to go to Peregrine Island and how/why Luka ended up there in the first place. I know he had his boat with the hole in but the show didn’t make it overly clear regarding the timeline. I would have liked them to dive in a little deeper with these two. It’s completely my fault with the way I worded that in the review part of this recap so I’ve gone in and corrected it. I do apologize!

    Thanks so much for commenting though, it’s very much appreciated!

    -Greg W

  3. Did you not watch the show Luca literally told Mia he was on the run because he caused the car crash of his best friend and didnt want to go to jail for it.

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