The A List – Season 2 Episode 7 “Save Them” Recap & Review

Save Them

Episode 7 of The A List Season 2 begins with Midge and Amber coming to an agreement. They strike up a deal and decide to use Mia. In exchange for bringing Mia to the institute, Amber wants to be free of her feelings and go back to the cold psychopath she was before. Well, Amber changes her mind at the last minute and decides to stick with Mia, clearly conflicted by how she’s feeling.

Meanwhile, Jenna manages to break free from Dr Shaw’s clutches. She pleads with her to stop though, claiming she’s their “only chance”. Jenna doesn’t listen and scrambles for the exit.

It turns out Shaw is actually trying to create a cure, which is obvious given what happened with Mags and the vault last season. And what happened to her anyway? Well, Amber shows up too but she’s lost her powers and is clearly afraid. With no Mia around, all the other kids contemplate pushing Amber off the cliff. It’s a pretty weird moment to be honest, and tonally jars with what we’ve seen so far.

Mia meanwhile, catches up with Dr Shaw. It turns out Midge actually did die when she fell off the cliff. The animosine however, let her cling on to life. Amber grew out of it with Midge’s spirit kept inside.

Midge will never be at peace and she’s being kept at Peregrine Island by the island itself. All those shadowy spirits we’ve been seeing are the dead spirits trapped on the island.

Sam takes Midge out to the grave site and pleads with her to let them all go. Among those ghostly spirits happens to be Harry. Wait, is he dead? He appears before Jenna and the others when they show up, with his shadowy body encouraging them to descend deep into the caves below. Fitz happens to be around the corner passed out on the ground.

Out in the woods, Mia catches up with Amber and Alex after her chat with Dr Shaw. Suddenly, Sam appears before them and pleads with the trio to help save them. As they make their way to the grave site, Midge uses their life essence to grow in power while simultaneously causing the others to pass out.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of The A List sees cracks form in the logic and ideas as the show scrambles to try and wrap everything up with an hour of run-time to go. All of our teens learn the truth about Midge while the plot continues to march along. There are some contrivances this time too, including the weird moment on the cliff and the ghostly vision of Harry.

The shadowy figures being the deceased kept behind by Midge’s power is a nice touch, and explains all the different hallucinations and visions we’ve been seeing across the season. It doesn’t, however, explain those specific symbols. Hopefully that’s explained in the finale.

Meanwhile, the show manages to deepen the lore of this island, while the throwbacks to some of the bigger points of season 1 remains a welcome sight.

Whether this show will be able to wrap up all of its big plot points or not remains a mystery but one thing’s for sure – it’s undoubtedly going to be a very dramatic finish!

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