The A List – Season 2 Episode 6 “Because of Who I Am” Recap & Review

Because of Who I Am

Episode 6 of The A List Season 2 starts with Amber awakening by the shore. She’s with Dev, who lets Amber leave while he heads off to find Mia.

Meanwhile, Alex finds out that Midge’s funeral is the point in time where Amber started wiping their memories. Dr Shaw faked Midge’s funeral though to keep the power in their hands.

If you’ll remember, in the first season we learned that there are only specific places where a wi-fi signal is able to get through to the island. There’s no boats en-route and the island is cut off. Well, not anymore!

Alex finds evacuation codes and decides to call a helicopter and bring them in to save the kids. However, they find a video from Brendan first, who managed to get off the island. He’s back home but no one believes his crazy story. However, everything he’s posted has been deleted.

Back on the island, more drama ensues. A girl called Iris shows up and finds Amber by the shore. Apparently she got there on her Dad’s fishing boat.

Out in the woods, Dr Shaw confronts Midge. It turns out the animosine that’s keeping her alive is starting to take over. Her body is becoming unstable and she’s got less than a day to try and make things right. As she talks, Sam suddenly disappears. Is he a hallucination? Well, stay tuned as this is one mystery that is resolved!

Fitz finds Luka and ties him up in the woods. It turns out they have history. He was in hospital for months and it would appear Luka was responsible for the multiple stitches he had to have. However, their conversation is interrupted by strange shadowy figures arriving and approaching from the distance. They reach out and touch Luka’s shoulder, knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Mia leaves the strange house and in doing so, it turns into ruins in the forest. We then cut across to Iris and Cullen, newcomers on the island who apparently show up on the island to pay their respects to their brother Sam. Yep, it’s the same Sam that Midge has been hanging out with. Anyway, the girls eventually leave the island while the others just sort of stand by and watch. So much for leaving the island then.

Back at the Institute, Mia shows up and finds herself face to face with both Amber and Midge. They’re working together now. Oh no…

The Episode Review

More revelations are brought to light here as Midge and Amber seem to be on the same side now, but quite how and why remains to be shown.

The other teens really haven’t had a lot to do this season, especially Kayleigh, Zac and Harry who are all just sort of here but haven’t really contributed much.

Given the large ensemble in this series though, it was always going to be difficult to juggle all the moving parts. Seeing Brendan pop up is a nice touch though, while the reveal that Sam has been dead al this time is equally as enticing.

With only two episodes left there’s still a lot left to be answered. Will we actually get some answers or will this move into another dreaded Netflix cliffhanger? We shall see…

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