The A List – Season 2 Episode 5 “We Deserve Each Other” Recap & Review

We Deserve Each Other

Episode 5 of The A List Season 2 begins with Midge and Mia together playing as kids. Only, they happen to have a creepy doll called Amber that’s just sat casually on the chair.

In the present Midge takes Mia’s place and organizes the others to leave with her. However, while Mia is out in the pouring rain Luka catches up with her and tries to help. However, she’s having none of it and walks away.

Remember those ice cream truck noises from last season? Well, it turns out this is linked to a strange house which Mia stumbles upon in the woods. It seems Amber/Midge has created this from her mind and could be a crucial link to stopping her.

Back inside Lockwell, Midge catches up with Dev. She takes him into her room alone but he’s obviously on edge and cautious. When he professes his love for Mia, Midge loses her temper and pushes Dev, who suddenly appears in the middle of the forest.

In Dr Shaw’s office, Petal, Alex and Kayleigh find interviews with Amber on the computer. These were filmed within the Institute and seem to have been around since Amber’s inception.

Of course, one thing this show has lacked so far is teen romance. So we get two at once! Midge hooks up with Sam outside the Institute while Mia and Luka kiss after believing they’re meant for one another. However, we do also learn about what happened with Luka and Fitz. It turns out they were bored one day and playing around in his Dad’s car. Unfortunately they crashed, which explains why he’s in hiding.

While all this is going on, the statue of Amber suddenly starts moving again and screams. It seems Dr Shaw is attempting to create more Ambers…but for what purpose?

The Episode Review

Why would Shaw create more of these hybrid clone things? Didn’t we learn last season that Mags and co. were trying to formulate an antidote to stop all of this? Also, where are all the other workers? And what’s the end-goal here?

While the series has done well to add more drama into the fold and deepen the mystery, it hasn’t done a particularly great job with explaining what’s happening or placing any sort of logic behind the ideas. Hopefully this will change in the upcoming episodes though.

For now though, The A List continues to deepen its mystery with an enticing glimmer of things to come.

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