The A List – Season 2 Episode 4 “We Were Never Friends” Recap & Review

We Were Never Friends

Episode 4 of The A List Season 2 begins with Midge acting suspiciously and seemingly unaware of what’s happened with Amber the statue.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Jenna realize that they’re actually in a graveyard. Even worse, Harry has inexplicably disappeared. They believe he’s been taken by the Institute but remain determined to stick with his plan. As the camera pans across, we see his glasses stuck in the tree.

Back at Lockwell, things take an unfortunate turn when Midge confronts Mia, questioning her resolve. In fact, she takes her back in time where we see Midge etching the “I Hate Mia” on the bridge.

The whole “A-List” thing stems from Mia’s exclusive party when she refused to let Midge join in. They used to be best friends as kids, or “blood sisters” as she claims. Midge decides to leave, packing up her things and heading off with the other kids.

Mia finds Luka in one of the rooms, groggy and still suffering the effects of the knockout gas. She encourages him to leave and he stumbles off down the hallway. Unfortunately, Mia has been playing Midge all this time and decides to leave her behind, claiming she’s as dangerous as Amber.

Midge overhears all of this on the walkie outside and confronts her former-best friend about it. She forces Mia to head outside and leave, where it suddenly and inexplicably starts to rain.

The Episode Review

Drama ensues as the truth about Midge is finally revealed. It turns out Mia and Midge were best friends growing up but grew apart. There’s talk of Amber wiping Mia’s mind but also of Midge being shunned which has only driven her jealousy further. It’s a pretty simple motivation in truth, but one that seems to be the key to what Midge is doing.

Some of the plot contrivances are still here this season too, with specific mention of Lockwell’s lack of security as the biggest issue. Literally this place is completely abandoned and there only seems to bee two people working there. Also, who funded all this?

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