The A List – Season 2 Episode 3 “Two Birds, One Stone” Recap & Review

Two Birds, One Stone

The A-List Season 2 starts episode 3 with a big revelation regarding Midge. It turns out Dr Shaw is actually her Mother!

Elsewhere, Harry finds another of those symbols on a rock formation off in the woods. Leaves start to swirl and blow but he’s snapped out of this entranced state by Jenna.

Fitz is clearly lying about being an environmentalist too, especially after dropping litter on the floor. If he’s not an eco-warrior then…what is he doing on the island? Well, things take an unfortunate turn when the trio find themselves stuck by this grave site and unable to leave. For some reason the island is keeping them there.

With the trio stuck in limbo, it leaves Amber, Mia and Petal together to try and break into the Institute. Despite Petal actually managing to fight off Amber’s mental barriers, she claims she’ll break Petal’s mind unless they follow her new rules. This includes Mia busting into the Institute and turning off the power alone. In doing so, Amber will be able to waltz right in.

Things take an unexpected turn though when Mia notices Dev is being held captive. After a quick reunion, she continues on to try and find the control room. En-route though she notices the hazmat suits and now knows for sure that the Lockwell Institute are behind what happened to her.

In the control room, Mia finds Alex is there already. She’s not exactly happy about Mia working with Amber but for some reason Mia seems to think this is a good idea.

Anyway, they dump knockout gas in the vents and it causes everyone to pass out. Dr Shaw however, manages to withstand the blast and grabs a gas mask.

Outside, Amber runs into Midge. Through extreme stress, Midge’s eyes turn purple and she starts to control the symbols somehow. Strange shadowy figures appear as a blast suddenly ripples out…and turns Amber into a statue.

The Episode Review

The A-List starts to deepen the mystery as the symbiotic link between Amber and Midge starts to become clearer. It’s obvious that there’s more going on here than we’ve first been told and it definitely has something to do with that compound called animosine.

The contrived nature of the gas and the hilariously bad security at Lockwell are both black marks on what’s otherwise been a pretty enjoyable series so far. There’s still an overwhelming feel of this being tailored for pre-teens (despite the 12 rating) but the show has managed to focus a lot more on its story rather than the character romances this time around.

The ending certainly hints that we’ve got more drama to come though, and quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess.

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