The Afterparty – Season 2 Episode 6 “Danner’s Fire” Recap & Review

Danner’s Fire

Danner explains that she hasn’t written a word of her book as episode 6 of The Afterparty begins. She left the police force not because she wanted to be a writer but because Danner had lost her confidence.

We then go into flashback mode as Danner narrates what led to this downfall… a case she was assigned immediately after Xavier’s murder. The police had been investigating a series of arsons. The suspect, Leonard Vurr, was recently released from prison. He was committed to prison for the crime of arson and even has a personal connection to two of the places that were lit on fire.

Vurr talks about fire passionately in a strange manner, and despite the needle overwhelmingly pointing towards him, Danner believes he is innocent. He has been seeing a psychiatrist, Quentin Deveraux. She believes that Vurr isn’t the arsonist because he is the easy answer. She visits the therapist to get more information on Vurr’s treatment, and they instantly get into a ruffle with each other. The flames lead them to dinner together in Quentin’s house.

Quentin explains that Vurr is a client he has taken on pro bono. Vurr’s passion is not the fire but how the fire makes him feel. They proceed to get physical but Quentin’s strange fetishes definitely creep Danner out. However, she still goes along with it. By the night’s end, he assures her that Vurr isn’t guilty. The next day, he bails Vurr out of the station. Danner’s partner warns her to keep her distance and keep her personal life separate, but perhaps that was too much to ask of her…

In the present, Zoe asks for Ulysses’ help remembering the family cookie recipe called Dutch Babies. They run into Travis experimenting with the hallucinogenic effects of the devil’s trumpet by drinking some of it. The entire house watches him blur out nonsense and erratically act out. Grace steps up and calms him down when the others just look the other way.

Danner explains that Quentin had inadvertently overlooked the clues that Vurr was the arsonist behind the three fires. Danner finally has enough to connect him to all of them after Quentin’s revelation. Even when she confronted him, Vurr kept denying any involvement or knowledge of the fires.

Danner found turpentine in the back of his trunk and proceeded to arrest him. That night, she went to Quentin’s house to ease her stress. She saw things there that resembled everything she found in Vurr’s car. It turns out that Quentin was the arsonist!

Before she could do anything, Quentin walked up behind her. He didn’t suspect she knew anything and went about his business as usual. Well, until he cuffed her to the bed. He confessed his crime and drowned his bedroom in turpentine, ready to burn Danner alive and erase all evidence of his wrongdoing. He lit the room on fire and Danner proceeds to tell Aniq that he is making the same mistake she made back then: getting too close and losing objectivity, referring to Zoe.

She also reveals that her partner saved her life (and she his) as she left a voicemail for him that recorded everything with Quentin. Vurr was let go and the psychiatrist disappeared into the wind. Aniq agrees with Danner and assures her he will approach the case with an open mind, even if that means doubting Zoe’s family. Travis comes back to his senses and Zoe takes note of what he said about how he made the poison. Zoe finds a teapot in Edgar’s room and hides it in a cupboard.

The Episode Review

Tiffany Haddish was all over the place in episode 6 but the makers did not do much harm. This was definitely the customary filler episode we all want shows to avoid but they simply cannot. Danner’s rationalization of Aniq’s predicament and what he should do will have no material impact on what happens next. I am not sure it had too much bearing on what already happened either. Even if this “preaching” came before in any of the episodes, it wouldn’t have helped Aniq make better decisions.

So everything that transpires in this episode is essentially a dud. It does not influence the show in any way. Beyond the habitual narrations, the present-day scenario hardly saw any progress. The previous episode indicated some sort of creative fatigue –  a mid-season crisis, if you will – and this episode has carried that forward.

One more strike and it will be clear that the writers and makers are losing their grip on the show. The next would be their last opportunity to get the murder mystery back on track.

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1 thought on “The Afterparty – Season 2 Episode 6 “Danner’s Fire” Recap & Review”

  1. I appreciate your POV but completely disagree. Danner is a central character. As much as I wanted to see Ulysses episode instead, I was pleasantly surprised by how I enjoyed this episode. It was funny, there were significant clues, and it gave depth to Danner’s character. If she was the infallible super sleuth people would complain about that! We see her now as fallible, insecure at times, a regular person and that is why she is so good at breaking everything down and analyzing everything to find the murderer.

    The call back to Walt was fun. (And another clue.) Seeing Culp was great. And I’m guessing that Travis’ “trip” was 100% staged and he gets more suspicious to me with every episode. Elizabeth Perkins was brilliant as usual. And though brief the scenes with Ulysses has teed up next weeks episode and fans can now spend the week wondering if he really is a spy! lol

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