The Afterparty – Season 2 Episode 4 “Hannah” Recap & Review


As episode 4 of The Afterparty season 2 begins, Zoe, Aniq, and Danner go to Hannah’s humble abode to question her. She did not want her to marriage to go ahead and that could be a possible motive. Hannah begins narrating her accounts in the manner of Wes Anderson and his movies. Every little idiosyncrasy is matched up to the American filmmaker’s taste and visual aesthetic. She also tells it in the third person.

Hannah was an adopted child and was always a bit different from the others. She had eclectic hobbies like architecture and macabre horticulture. Edgar and Sebastian grew up with Hannah and they were close as children. As they grew older, the two boys favoured their businesses over spending time with Hannah.

On her birthday, she met Grace for the first time. That is when Edgar gave her the type-writer which had a “g” key missing. They instantly connected over their mutual love for antique charms. All the times that Edgar didn’t spend with Grace, she spent with Hannah. Grace was obviously worried about her biggest life decision yet and had indecisiveness haunt her.

While sitting on a bench together, Grace and Hannah kissed, starting their sordid love affair. Yes, Hannah and Grace had a love affair about which no one else knew! Now, now… the tables have indeed turned.

Both women have enough motives to kill Edgar. Zoe is shocked and leaves to talk with Grace alone. This new development makes her look very guilty. But she also takes the blame away from both of them. The affair continued until the very last week of the wedding. Both of them felt guilty and restrained by their predicament. Grace finally broke it off and Hannah “entered a state of mourning.” 

She was not her similar self and found no warmth in Isabel. But she did find some solace in her words. Her simple suggestion – “get over it” – inspired Hannah to do exactly that. It occurred to Hannah on the day of the rehearsal dinner when Grace was walking in her bride attire that she would never get over her. And so she came up with a plan to stop the wedding. She started the chain of rumours about Aniq doing drugs to distract the others as she talked to Grace. But the bride-to-be didn’t agree with her feelings. She deserted Hannah even though what she said was right.

That’s when she decided to flirt with Travis, to make Grace jealous. Ulysses’ reassuring words inspired Hannah to continue her bid to stop the wedding. She asked Travis for help and they made a plan where the latter would get up and “object to the wedding.” That is when he would announce that Edgar is a fugitive and Aniq would place him under citizen’s arrest. Hannah and Grace could finally be together as a consequence.

Hannah alludes to the moment she really knew her brother loved Grace: during the vows. So she tried to make an effort to be happy for the couple. She then decided to go on a solo trip to recover and heal. During the afterparty, she gifted Edgar the “g” key.

Hannah’s version, uncannily, was all “just motive.” She did not try to once refute that she was not involved, indicating that she is definitely not the killer. Sebastian came into her yurt that night and expressed his grief over “losing his business partner.” That is when it strikes Aniq – the names on Edgar’s tables weren’t aliases; they were probable replacement candidates. 

But then why is Sebastian still pretending to be running the business? We catch a glimpse of Sebastian on the phone talking to a client of theirs pretending to be Edgar and saying,” Sebastian Drapewood has my full authority.”

The Episode Review

We have discovered a lot in this episode about Sebastian’s scheming and Grace’s sordid love affair… although it is unlikely they are suspects despite Hannah’s accounts being revelatory. This episode makes Travis’ episode funnier with how he construed all of Hannah’s moves. Some good did come out of his “investigation” after all. 

Choosing the Wes Anderson aesthetic for Hannah’s story proved to be a great choice. Not only visually, but also narratively. The creators took the strengths and disillusionment of Anderson’s brand of cinema to imbue in the fabric of Hannah’s peculiar perspective. One could even say that the sample from Anderson’s work was better convened in this episode!

The glut of surprises keeps on coming in season 2 of The Afterparty. The show has definitely lived up to expectations and it episode 4, it exceeded them.

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