The 8 Show – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Extending The Timer

Episode 6 of The 8 Show begins with 2F’s back story. She is a constructor and the last participant so her only option is 2F.

At present, 4F, 6F, 7F and 8F are tied up. The others try to take their revenge but they cannot stomach doing anything violent. Jin-su approaches 7F in hopes that he was forced to team up with the upper floors. 7F simply apologises but the rest let him go as he did help them. He even wipes his eyes and Jin-su thinks he is emotional.

They leave 4F, 6F and 8F tied in their rooms and keep the doors open. However, the rest do bring food and help the prisoners with their waste. The participants are also in awe with 8F’s room and they spend their days there, eating, bathing and enjoying their time. 2F initially stops them from spending 8F’s money but when 5F suggests buying a soju recipe, 8F is cocky about it. 

Taking that as a go-ahead, they also buy millions worth of equipment and make soju. 2F gives a glass to 7F as a peace offering. They have a great time but 2F suggests ending the game. She is ready to give from her share to help 1F hit a billion but they cannot stay any longer without compromising their dignity.

1F and Jin-su are not happy about leaving but there is a silent agreement. On the last day, they bathe, wash their clothes and get ready to leave. Jin-su would make 2.3 billion, 2F would get 1.5 billion and 1F would get 766 million. However, the next morning, the timer suddenly extends to 45 hours.

2F is the angriest as they wonder who entertained the showrunners. Turns out 6F’s toenails have been pulled out and the next day 4F’s tooth is pulled out, extending the timer again. Frustrated, 2F locks everyone in except 5F who will check on the tied-up prisoners. 

The guilt starts eating up at 5F as the prisoners whine about pain. She soon hallucinates 2F freeing 4F and 8F. Excited, she tells 6F that he will be freed soon. He pretends that 2F is going to kill him and begs 5F to free him at the end of The 8 Show Episode 6.

The Episode Review

We are in the last stretch of the show and The 8 Show Episode 6 doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Did 2F really think that it would be that easy to leave? From what we know with these death games, no one leaves until the game runner says so. She does have the right intentions but maybe leave the schemes to 7F? How much do y’all want to bet that he isn’t jumping in with his theories because he is the one extending the timer?

But if it is not him, it could be the last person we’d suspect. That leaves us with Jin-su. Sure, he acts like the good guy, but that’s what he does, he acts. From the get-go, we can hear his thoughts. Whenever he does something altruistic like subbing in or taking the taser over groping, we can see that he is conflicted. 

Also, how convenient is it that 5F’s hallucinations have suddenly messed up everything? Again, that is one variable that could ruin the show but somehow it is working in favour of the game runners. What are the chances that the hallucinations she sees are projections, herding her in certain directions? But why didn’t 2F lock the prisoners too and be present when 5F is checking on them? Not like she has work to do.

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