The 3% – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Chapter 01: Moon

A New World Order

The 3% is back with its fourth and final season. It’s been quite the turbulent ride up until this point and there’s a lot of past plot points that crop up here too. With the final fight ahead, The 3% wastes little time getting right to the heart of the drama.

Episode 1 of The 3% season 4 begins with our ragtag group of survivors standing at the doors of the Process. Guards rush out with guns as Marco sets off the metal detectors. Eventually, the soldiers allow them inside.

Dressed in familiar Process colours, our group are escorted through the Process’ main atrium as echoed voices from the past haunt them.

Council member Nair greets them on the projector, allowing them passage to the Offshore to begin negotiations. Only, that proves easier said than done when these survivors see the paradise before them. Thankfully, Joanna keeps them on the straight and narrow.

2 Weeks Earlier

Across the rolling sand dunes, Michele gathers the troops within The Shell as they receive an urgent message – an answer to their problems. It turns out they’ve invited the group across to the Offshore.

Given they have Marcela captive at the Shell, Michele believes this is their diplomatic way of negotiating. However, Joana and some of the others see this as a golden opportunity. It’s the perfect chance to sabotage the Process and destroy the lifeblood of the operation.

That lifeblood comes in the form of plasma, which Marco suggests they smuggle in within his metal leg. They can then use the negotiations as a distraction long enough to use it with the turbine to cause an electromagnetic pulse.

Gloria meanwhile has concerns. If they attack the Offshore it could turn the people against their cause. For now, they take a vote and agree to go.

Watchful Eyes

Denise greets the group at the Offshore with Nair notably absent. Despite her telling the others not to get seduced, Joana struggles as she looks upon the beauty of the island.

They soon raise their defences when Andre arrives. It turns out he’s taken control of the Offshore and wants to try and forge a “final treaty”; a peaceful end to the fighting between the two groups.

In exchange, he wants Marcela and all the soldiers released from Shell. As negotiations heat up, Elisa takes charge and asks them all for drugs to take back with them.

Joana heads off and takes a shower in the house they’re staying in. This brings back memories from the past that start to rattle her.

Sensing that the Council are listening, the group head out to the sea instead and discuss their plan. As they do, Joana submerges underwater and hears a haunting voice whisper a name, “Luana.”

On the back of this, Joana contemplates whether her Mother is in the Offshore.

The Shell

Faced with generator issues, Michele tasks Xavier to take care of this plan. Brushing off questions from others, Michele finds herself face to face with Marcela. She tries to get under the Founder’s skin and it seems clear that someone has fed information to her.

Paranoid, Michele immediately confronts Gloria, believing she’s the one who’s been leaking information.

Later that night, Gloria and Xavier prepare to strike the turbine as agreed. However, Antonio from the church happens to be stood outside talking to the guards. Unfortunately Xavier is caught planting the turbine thanks to a smashed glass. When he eventually returns to Gloria, she tells him it was kids nearby. Xavier however, is not so sure.

The Morning Meeting

The group split, with Rafael and Marco meeting Andre. Only, Andre’s not there and instead Denise greets them all for the negotiations. While they talk, Joana, Natalia and Elisa make their way inside the lab. Unfortunately, the turbine hasn’t been transported leaving them in a difficult position. Even worse, guards catch them in the laboratory.

Joana however, sneaks away and checks the computers. She’s desperate to find her Mother and pauses as she finds one for Veronica. This happens to be the same woman who put the necklace on her when she arrived at the Offshore.

Believing she may be her Mother, Joana is caught before she can look further. Instead, she’s brought before Nair, who happens to be waiting with the other council members.

The Episode Review

With some nice editing and a new, urgent direction for the show, The 3% continues to deliver decent thrills this season. The spotlight has now turned to Joana it seems and with Michele taking more of a backseat, it allows some of the supporting characters to move forward.

Is Gloria really a spy? Someone is clearly leaking information to Marcela and I’m sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

For now though, the final conflict is underway and quite what the result of this will be remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, there’s bound to be some casualties along the way.

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