The Pentaverate – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


How did Reilly get involved in The Pentaverate?

Episode six of The Pentaverate begins with several powerful figures and celebrities arriving at The Meadows.

While Baldwin and Cho prepare to sell MENTOR, Ken and Reilly are trapped. Reilly explains further about how she is part of the Pentaverate.

The secret society recruited her out of college. She was excited to be a part of an organization that was enacting positive change. However, she soon learned that it was five old, white men making all the decisions, and they didn’t listen to the more diverse voices that worked for them.

Reilly went to Patty to see if there was a way she could help the Pentaverate progress. Patty brought her to Lord Lordington, who had a special task for her: bring Ken Scarborough to Pentaverate headquarters. She explains that it was part of her plan all along to get Ken into the Leichtenstein Guard.

The mysterious mustached man from the convention has always been working for her. Conveniently, the man appears in front of them with the intent to rescue them. He shoots the Red Robe that’s guarding them and ushers them out.

Ken and Reilly then come across a room where the Leichtenstein Guard is playing board games.  They’re discouraged, thinking themselves no match for the Red Robes.

But Ken inspires them to fight–for Higgins and for the Pentaverate.

Does Bruce Baldwin sell MENTOR?

Baldwin introduces the main event at The Meadows. He goes on about the wonders of MENTOR and its supreme capabilities. He then announces that he will be selling the supercomputer to the highest bidder.

At this, most people get up and leave. A few groups stay, however, and Baldwin starts the bidding.

Who wins between the Leichtenstein Guard and the Red Robes?

After Ken rallies the Guard, they charge against the Red Robes. Their crossbows seem to be no match for the Robes’ guns, but Ken’s tactical maneuvers outwit the other side. The Leichtenstein Guard prevails.

They burst into the main hall and surround Baldwin. Anthony shows up around the same time.

But Baldwin doesn’t give up. He takes Reilly and holds a gun to her before giving instructions to Ken.

Does Ken vote with the Parce Clavem?

Lord Lordington and Patty rush in just as Baldwin takes Reilly hostage. He needs Ken’s vote, using the Parce Clavem, in order to sell MENTOR. So, he commands Ken to turn his key in the Da Vinci lock. If he refuses, he’ll shoot Reilly.

Ken calls him on his bluff. He throws the key into the gaping hole in the floor, crying, “The Pentaverate must never be exposed!”

Baldwin is going to leave with Reilly as a hostage, but Anthony jumps at him. The two men then fall through the same gaping hole.

Does the Pentaverate enact The Demetrius Protocols?

Lordington, Gordon, and Mishu decide to enact the Demetrius Protocols and destroy The Pentaverate. Patty calls for them to stop, but Lordington explains that it must be done.

The Demetrius Protocols are for when The Pentaverate has fallen into nefarious hands. They now realize that they themselves are those nefarious hands.

They vote, and the cyanide pills fall out of their keys. Mishu and Gordon take theirs first.

How does Ken save MENTOR?

Lordington then explains that Reilly has delivered them a soul that will save MENTOR. The supercomputer, he says, needs a soul of someone kind and empathetic. Someone like Ken Scarborough.

Reilly insists that she didn’t know this was the plan. But Ken doesn’t mind. He now realizes his kindness is his strength.

As Ken volunteers his soul to be uploaded by the computer, Patty tearfully says goodbye to Lordington before he takes his cyanide pill.

How does The Pentaverate Season 1 end?

One year later, The Pentaverate has been dissolved, and a new secret society stands in its place.

Patty, Reilly, and KENTOR are all part of the Septaverate. An organization truly focused on changing the world, the Septaverate is more inclusive and representative of the real world. Plus, they’re nice.

The Episode Review

The last episode of The Pentaverate season 1 causes events to make a little more sense in retrospect (i.e. Ken’s ease in getting into the Pentaverate). In the end, the finale provides as satisfying a conclusion as it can for such an aimless series. 

It’s refreshing to see the Pentaverate leaders realize they are not what the world needs. The conclusion makes sense and shows that The Pentaverate can actually incorporate thought-provoking themes.

Still, the episode reaches a bit too far in trying to turn long-running gags into meaningful plot points. For most of the show, ill-formed comedic reasons drive most of the action and character arcs. By the end, The Pentaverate attempts both relevance and silliness–but fails to grasp either.

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