The Conjuring (2013) Ending Explained – Does the exorcism help?

The Conjuring

The Conjuring Plot Synopsis

In 1971, Carolyn, Roger and their daughters find themselves up against an ominous force after they move into a dilapidated farmhouse in a remote part of Rhode Island. Seasoned paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine, are called to rescue the family. Initial investigation proves the dark presence is much deadlier than initially thought. Exorcism is the last and only option. But will it work?

What happens upon the family’s arrival?

The Perron family is greeted by evil just as they arrive at the farmhouse. Though the family seems fine, their pet dog, Sadie, refuses to enter the home and continues barking frantically. The same night during a family game, one of the daughters finds the entrance to an eerie cellar – which Roger inspects immediately but finds nothing. The dog keeps barking the entire night which worries Carolyn. The following morning, Sadie is found dead, and the family can’t understand how.

The intensity of the paranormal activities continues to escalate. After the eldest daughter of the family is attacked by a ghostly old woman, Carolyn decides to call Ed and Lorraine to rescue her family. The duo immediately senses the presence of dark powers, and the initial investigation confirms their suspicions. The experts suggest exorcism which would require authorization from the Catholic Church. They begin collecting evidence of ominous forces in the house.

What do Ed and Lorraine find?

Ed and Lorraine come up with the complete history of the farmhouse the Perron family is living in. According to them, the house belonged to a sinister witch, Bathsheba. She cursed the land before committing suicide by hanging herself. Their information about the curse is also corroborated by reports of suicide and the unfortunate fate of all of its previous owners.

Knowing this is no ordinary haunting case, Ed and Lorraine return with a cop and another paranormal expert, Drew. The investigation team sets up devices to prove Bathsheba is inhabiting the house.

Not a lot happens initially, but soon the sin embedded in the place becomes evident. During the investigation, Lorraine falls into the cellar where she spots the spirits of people that Bathsheba killed. Bathsheba seemingly possesses mothers to kill their children – which means Carolyn is the one she is after.

The Conjuring

Does the exorcism help ?

Before Ed and Lorraine can officially begin the exorcism, they receive news that the Perron family’s life might be in danger. They rush to the house to find Carolyn, possessed by Bathsheba, trying to kill one of her daughters. The situation seems to be getting out of control and with no time left, Ed is forced to carry out the exorcism himself while the rest of the team try to subdue the possessed Carolyn.

To everyone’s sh0ck, the exorcism only seems to make Carolyn more violent and difficult to handle, and her efforts to sacrifice her daughter seem to intensify. After an excruciatingly long effort, what really works is when Lorraine talks about Carolyn’s family dreams.

Just as the possessed Carolyn is about to kill her daughter, Lorraine tells her to think about her family, and the dreams she has for them all. Lorraine begs her to stop for the sake of her family. Listening to Lorraine, Carolyn starts to relax and she eventually puts her daughter down.

On a sunny morning, a healed Carolyn is seen living her dream with her family. Meanwhile, Ed adds the music box taken from Perron’s haunted home to his collection of possessed artefacts.

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