That Dirty Black Bag – Season 1 Episode 5 “Justice” Recap and Review


Episode 5 of That Dirty Black Bag picks up from where episode three ended. Henry discovers Nate’s body and Mary describes Eve as the lady who killed him. One of the girls from Red Lantern alerts Steve of Eve’s actions and he rushes to find her. He offers to hide her until the situation diffuses but Henry and other deputies show up to take her in custody.

Meanwhile, McCoy and co are struggling with the longer route. They reach the mouth of the mines, where the difference between life and death is wafer-thin. Eve is locked up and is preparing to be hanged for killing Nathan. Henry, his cousin, argues with her about her method to salvage Symone’s beating. In the conversation, Eve predicts a similar fate for Henry when a secret about a woman from his past would come out. The deputies learn of the collapse of the bridge and presume McCoy’s party to be dead.

Steve tries to take out some of the gold from the secret mine to offer it to Henry. Michelle discovers the place and his feelings for Eve. Henry berates him for going against his own principles he preached so proudly. When Steve offers him enough bribes to start a new life, Henry agrees and allows Eve and Steve a two-hour head-start to escape. But Eve refuses to leave. She insists Steve keeps fighting for what he believes in and awaits her fate.

McCoy and company find themselves lost in the mines. The only way out is to figure distinctively the layout of the cave and follow the path. Steve breaks the news to the girls at Red Lantern. Eve is scheduled to be hanged in the evening and has requested her inheritance be distributed amongst the girls and that they do not attend the event.

Bill has a haunting hallucination of the day his mother died. Bronson gets a favorable response from a sponsor for his run as the Governor. His menĀ arrive in town to take down McCoy and retrieve the cash from the robbery. They witness the hanging of Eve, and so do Steve and Symone. The heartbreak does not last for long, though, as it finally rains. The rain patters down in the fields and blesses the town again. Bill sees McCoy’s marks on the back and comes to a frightening conclusion.

The Episode Review

“Justice” does not have the extravagance of the previous episodes, yet is an important chapter in the story. It seals Eve’s fate, leaving the institute of Red Lantern and the town of Greenvale without anyone in charge. Although there was calm until the hanging, a silent storm is gathering strength as the showdown between Bronson and McCoy nears.

This episode does not recreate the magic that the previous ones did. It is mostly straightforward in terms of plot and has hardly any exposition about religion and faith. There is yet to be more clarity about Butler’s role in the scheme. Ever since the eye figure made from bones was shown, expectations have been high. There is some way or the other that he fits in, but right now, it remains under the covers.

Eve’s departure will leave a gaping hole in how the future events will play out. It came as an unexpected surprise, just like the rain. ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ is quickly moving to its foundational assertion: every man for himself. The value of faith and religion is gradually fading to give way to more practical and tangible themes in light of the storytelling.

Having such developments makes the job easier for creators but diffuses the enthusiasm purists conjured up by the previous episodes. The setup does not look bad but is mildly off the mark that episodes 1-3 establish.

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