That ’90s Show – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Dirty Double Booker

Episode 9 of That ‘90s Show starts with the group of friends talking about what it is like to be back to school now that summer is coming to an end. While Leia is cribbing about going back, Nikki is the only one excited about going back. Nate mentions how he wasted away the summer break and did not get into shape.

Jay tells him that he should join the gym he works out at. Since Leia will be leaving to go back home, Jay asks to take her out on a picnic. Gwen is upset with Leia and calls her out for setting up a date with Jay when already had made plans with Gwen.

The two girls have an argument but Leia states that she would ask for a rain-check from Jay just to hang out with Gwen. After Gwen has left, Ozzie asks if she would really cancel a romantic getaway with Jay for Gwen. Leia implies that she would be hanging out with both her best friend and he boyfriend. Ozzie calls her a dirty double booker.

Upstairs, Nikki is hanging out with Kitty and Red when Kitty mentions that she was going to go back to work as the school nurse at the local school. Red is confused and wonders why she would want so much chaos in her life now and Kitty mentions how she enjoys hanging out with the kids and would miss Leia once she is gone.

Jay helps Nate work out at the gym while Nikki helps Kitty with her resume. It was hard for Kitty to find any references from her last job as a head nurse as her bosses were all dead. Later that evening, Leia and Jay are on their romantic getaway when she asks to cut short their picnic as she had something else to do.

However, Jay mentions that he thinks they might be lost in the forest. They start looking for the way back home. Back at the Forman House, Nate is extremely sore after his workout and Nikki scolds him for trying to fit in the entire summer workout in one day. After Nate has left, Kitty starts imagining what going back to work would be like.

Ozzie and Gwen join them, dressed as elite kids on their way to the club. Gwen is shocked to learn that Leia had lied to her and still gone out on her romantic getaway with Jay instead of their outing together. Both she and Ozzie leave to go to the club by themselves.

Meanwhile, Jay is setting up his picnic to spend some quality time with Leia for their date. Leia, in her frustration, tells Jay that she was supposed to be done with him by now. Jay is upset that Leia made plans with Gwen at the same time as their date and calls her a dirty double booker.

Ozzie and Gwen are trying to enjoy the luxurious club but Gwen is still pissed off at Leia for ditching her. Leia somehow makes it to the club but the two girls end up fighting. Gwen claims that Leia was not seeing how she was going to miss her best friend. She is angry and asks Leia to be kicked out of the club for not being a member.

Nikki is at the job interview with Kitty but the old woman is panicky because she forgot her resume. Kitty thinks she is not ready for a job but Red arrives in time with her resume. He tries to cheer Kitty up and wishes her luck with the interview. In the basement, Nate and Leia catch up about Gwen.

Nate tries to explain to Leia how finding a best friend like her was very important for Gwen because things are very different for her at school. Nate’s advice helps Leia learn that she should talk to Gwen about how important this friendship was to her. Back at the Forman house, Kitty announces that she had gotten the job.

Red is happy for her and Kitty looks forward to her chaotic dreams about being a nurse in the school. Leia talks to Gwen in her bedroom and explains how she would still stay in touch even though she was leaving. The two friends make up. Meanwhile, Jay’s motivation is finally helping Nate get over his sore muscles from the workout.

The two boys discuss Leia when Jay tells Nate that he would be breaking up with her before she goes back home. Jay claims that things would get more complicated if they were to have a long-distance relationship as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

I can sense something happening between Nate and Leia and I am not sure how I feel about it. They seem to be good friends but Nate and Nikki’s relationship had me invested from the get-go. At the beginning of the show, I felt like the adults would take over the show and that viewers would miss the old set of friends but the new ’90s kids are growing on me.

Jay and Nate together are chaotic evil and I would love to see more of the two bros together in the next season of this show. It’s interesting for Kitty to start a job at the school infirmary and I am sure she would kill it as a nurse. I can’t wait to see how the makers close off the first season of this show!

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