That ’90s Show – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Lip Smackers

Episode 3 of That ’90s Show starts at the Forman House dinner table where Kitty asks Sherri about her breakup with ‘the guy’ not knowing that the guy is Fez. Sherri begins to narrate her supposed break-up and claims that the guy she is seeing is a famous hair stylist Fez who has got a bunch of salons.

Kitty is shocked to know that Fez is the guy Sherri was talking about. In the basement, Nate and Nikki are making out in the presence of Leia and the others. Gwen asks if Leia has kissed anyone and she confesses that she had never gotten to that point with guys in the past. Jay starts flirting with Leia but Gwen changes the topic and asks to take Leia to the mall.

She claims that the mall is full of guys who Leia could use as practice for her first kiss. Ozzie claims that he won’t be joining them as he has a Canadian boyfriend but the friends do not really think this guy is real. Upstairs, Kitty catches Sherri up with Fez’s friendship with Eric and the others.

Sherri recalls her attempts at breaking up with Fez from the night before and tells Kitty how the guy would not take a hint. Kitty offers to talk to Fez and tell him that Sherri wanted to break things off with him. At Fez’s salon, Kitty tries to talk to Fez about Sherri but he makes it seem like he was finally very happy after what went down between him and Jackie all those years ago.

Fez claims that Jackie was cheating on him with Kelso and that Sherri makes him feel young again. Kitty backs out of breaking Fez’s heart and wishes him good luck in his relationship with Sherri. Red drives Ozzie, Leia and Gwen to the mall and waits for the kids as he sits on a massage chair and immediately buys it.

Gwen asks Leia to try her luck with the boys but it all fails when the security escorts her out of the mall. Leia and Ozzie spot Gwen making out with a guy named Kevin and Leia is further upset about her failure. The trio are back in the basement where Nate and Nikki discover that Nate had an allergic reaction to Nikki’s lip gloss.

The two leave to treat Nate’s lips and Leia states how desperate she is too desperate now. Gwen suggests that Leia could kiss Jay since he is always flirting around with her. With no other options left for her, Leia agrees to make out with Jay. Kitty is upset about Red’s impulsive purchase but Sherri storms into the room and Kitty is distracted.

Sherri claims that Fez wanted to start a new life with her. Kitty claims that Fez’s charming words made her melt and she could not think straight. She suggests getting Red to talk to him but it seems like the massage chair has changed his personality completely.

Kitty turns the massage chair off and Red is back to being his old grumpy self. That evening, Leia and Jay are sitting outside when she tries to get him to kiss her. Jay claims that he does not want a meaningless hookup with Leia and wants to do it right with her if it is meant for them to be together.

The next day, Red tells Fez that Sherri wanted to break up with him but the man gets too emotional about it. Red claims that Fez is weird and needed to think before taking responsibility for a woman who has two teenage kids. That is all that Fez needed to know in order to accept the break up.

At the mall, Sherri drops Ozzie, Leia and Gwen off to chat. Leia is much more confident about herself and goes on to kiss the ice cream stall guy without his consent. The trio take that as a win and walk out of the mall. Finally, Ozzie is talking to his boyfriend in French and it seems like the guy on the other end is also having a hard time convincing his friends that Ozzie is real.

The Episode Review

The show actually got a little interesting with this latest chapter. How funny is it that Jackie and Kelso’s son is going to be romantically involved with Eric and Donna’s daughter?

This episode was really all over the place but other than showing how Leia felt good about herself and did not need a guy to validate her, the show went down the cliche route and showed that Leia went in to kiss a guy without his consent.

I really wish Ozzie’s character gets some more screen time in the episodes to come because he seems like he has an interesting story. Gwen and Leia’s declaration to be best friends seems really awkward and implied now. I wish the makers would have stuck to letting a close friendship develop organically.

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