That ’90s Show – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 10 of That ‘90s Show starts with Leia taking photos of her summer friends in the basement. Ozzie, Nikki and Gwen are struggling to keep their eye open while Leia takes her own sweet time taking the photo as she has 24 clicks before she exhausts the film camera.

Jay and Nate bring the beer keg from the beginning of summer. The entire group is sure that they do not want to drink the old, flat beer but soon, they end up jamming to some music with the same old beer. In the meantime, they keep taking photos of Leia with her friends using the film camera.

Leia explains that she is having fun on her last day. Nate tells Jay that Leia is handling the break up quite well but Jay tells him that he hadn’t broken up with Leia yet. Since Leia is standing right by, she is shocked and heart-broken to hear this. Leia yells at Jay for leading her on only to break up with her but the latter claims that staying apart for nine months would be hard for both of them.

Nikki and Ozzie both agree with Jay and Ozzie shares how calling his boyfriend in Canada was expensive. Leia asks Gwen to back her up but she also agrees with the rest of the group and calls Jay a ‘man whore’. Leia is upset and storms off to her room. Upstairs, Kitty is skippy in the kitchen and Red wonders how she is so calm about Leia leaving.

Kitty mentions that since Leia’s boyfriend and best friend were both in Point Place, she was bound to come back often. Gwen tells Kitty that Leia was dealing with Jay breaking up with her and that she was also upset with her friends. Kitty worries that Leia would never come back and tries to console her.

Red is grateful for the momentary silence when he hears a tree from Sherry’s house fall in his backyard. Red is furious and tells Sherry that he had asked her to take care of the rotting tree for months. Sherry mentions that she was busy because she got back with Fez. She asks for Red’s help with the tree and the old man agrees to help Sherry.

Fez is upset with Red because he is not letting Fez be the man for Sherry. Inside the Forman house, Leia is packing her bags frantically when she tells her grandmother she would never be coming back to Point Place. Kitty is worried but just then, Donna arrives to pick her daughter up. Leia asks to be taken back home but Donna tries to calm her down.

Donna explains that she too broke up with Eric multiple times. She tells Leia that her friends were who got her through it all the time. Meanwhile, Sherry thanks Fez for helping with the tree and the hair dresser tries to win Gwen over by giving her a $50 bill for lunch. However, after Gwen has left, Fez has an argument with Sherry’s landlord – Fenton.

The man’s old beef with Fez is rehashed and Fenton claims he will not help Sherry deal with the tree because of Fez. Sherry is upset with Fez. Kitty tries her best to persuade Jay to make up with Leia and give the long-distance relationship a shot. Leia goes to Gwen’s place to reconcile with her but Nate tells her that she was not home.

The two friends chat and Nate claims that he agrees with Leia but had to side with Jay because he is Nate’s best friend. The two share a moment as they bond over the fact that they have a similar mindset. Leia and Nate are about to kiss when Gwen barges into the room.

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In the basement, Fez joins Ozzie and Nikki during their weed-smoking session and shares his issues with the teenagers. When the teens are of no help, Fez recalls the time he spent at the same table with his own set of friends. Fez recalls the advice from his friends from back in the day and decides to bury the hatchet with Fenton.

Gwen has a chat with Leia about her almost-kiss with Nate and Leia realizes how she messed up big time. Since Nate was Jay’s best friend, Nikki’s boyfriend and Gwen’s brother, it would be very chaotic to explain the incident to her friends. Gwen tries to calm Leia down and asks her to move on from the almost-kiss because it did not happen.

At the same time, Sherry is shocked that Fenton got rid of the tree all thanks to Fez. Leia tells goodbye to her grandparents before she left to go back home. Nate comes to bid her farewell and the two talk about how the moment meant something to both of them.

Just then, Jay comes back and tells Leia that he didn’t want to break up with her anymore. He kisses her and Leia is shocked and confused. Gwen comes in to help Leia and safely seat her in Donna’s car before she has any more slip-ups. As Donna drives Leia home, the teenager recalls her splendid summer at Point Place.

The Episode Review

The episode ended on a chaotic note so we can be sure that there is more of The ’90s Show to come. Despite the rocky start, the show seemed to have picked up in the end. As much as I hope to see how Leia deals with her long-distance friendships and relationship, I am sure that the show will be taking a jump to the summer of 1997 in season 2.

I cannot wait in order to see what happens to Nate and Leia and how the group dynamics change with Nikki being Nate’s girlfriend and Jay being his best friend, as well as Leia’s boyfriend. Despite the chaotic romance storylines on this one, I really want Ozzie and Gwen to find partners. For now though, That ’90s Show ends on a high.

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