Thank You, Next – Episode 2 “#lovebombing” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Thank You, Next begins with those scenes in the present but with a bit more context. Leyla gets cold feet and drives off from what looks like a motel, leaving… Cem behind? He promises she’ll regret this, and that ties into the scenes at the beginning of episode 1, where she head into her room, and Sarp approaches.

We then cut back and begin with Leyla at home, hot under the collar over Cem’s antics. If you’ll remember, the last message Leyla sent to Sayyaz was that she enjoyed her night and he didn’t reply. He eventually does, while she’s with her friends Funda and Esra, and basically sends a smiley face and that’s it. This gets her reeling, wondering just what’s happening. But is he just gameplaying?

Leyla shows up at a club and notices Seyyaz, who’s celebrating a birthday party. He’s a little taken aback by her being there, but he decides to take some selfies. Eventually Leyla shows up back home, talking to her dog, Buddy, and believing that Seyyaz has been cheating on her.

Sitting at home watching Netflix, she contemplates whether to delete Omer’s profile. She remembers all the time they had together and finds herself conflicted over what to do. So she… dances with her dog instead. As you do.

In the morning, we return to the divorce case. Leyla speaks with Beliz, Cem’s lawyer, and points out that the ownership of the hotel is not up for debate in this divorce settlement. Beliz wants Tuba to settle on what she has rather than overstepping. Leyla decides to play hardball… until she’s offered 10 million dollars to settle. She takes this to Tuba, who sees the offer and decides…. to rip it up. For her, it’s about love and not the money.

It turns out out that Cem’s first wife, Defne, could be the culprit here. Apparently, she’s still married to Cem but she lives in the States so she travels back and forth. Cem never ended his relationship with her. And who’s in charge of hotel renovations? Yep, Defne herself. This is why Beliz and Cem are so adamant on not handing over the hotel.

Cem is rather charming and knows exactly what he’s doing when Leyla shows up later that day at the site. He tells her Tuba is a disappointment… and hopes that she won’t be. However, she ends up disappointed that night when she learns Omer has moved into her old apartment.

After heading back home, Seyyaz shows up with food for her. He settles back into his old rhythm and prepares dinner, but she turns him down. He decides to give her some space, given she still has Omer on her mind, and it was a long-term relationship. He doesn’t want her thinking f him and will give her some space. He does like her a lot… and that’s enough for Leyla to do a 180 and decide they should head off for a trip together.

As they sit and have a picnic, discussing fairy-tales and how Disney princesses don’t have their happily ever afters, Seyyaz leans in and gives her a compliment. She pulls back slightly and points out how her relationship with Omer went south. Flashbacks show this in a bit more detail, as he slowly pulled away and they eventually stopped doing fun things together… then he moved to other cities and eventually things would just tar apart.

However, Omer himself happens to be across the lake and in a really petty move, decides to fly a drone over and ruin their date. Turns out he was staying in the lake house all this time and he saw the pair show up. Omer went there to finish his big project… and it turns out he’s actually working on the building renovation with Cem and Defne. Uh oh!

Leyla’s mood is smoothed out somewhat when she shows up at work and receives a parcel. It sports a single red shoe inside and a message, calling her princess.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. So it seems like Leyla is getting in over her head here and Omer is becoming a bigger problem than we initially thought. Not only is he going to be part of the building renovation, he’s also a thorn in Leyla’s side when it comes to her romantic life. Something is definitely going to hit breaking point here.

The show is not bad so far but there’s definite room for improvement. The supporting characters all feel very archetypal and there’s really not much depth to them at all. Hopefully that’s rectified going forward. For now though, there’s just enough to sink your teeth into.

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