TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness Season 1 Review – A dull anime brimming with obnoxious characters

TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness Season 1 Review

A dull anime brimming with obnoxious characters

Season 1



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In romantic comedy TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness, protagonist Akemitsu Akagami was stigmatized for the entirety of his life because he was brought up in the household of legendary womanizers. Now he hates everything about being an Akagami and is determined to erase his family’s shame by leading a celibate lifestyle.

Akemitsu Akegami falls in love with a stunning woman and resolves to purge his mind of any impurities. Akemitsu resolves to train as a monk and goes to a temple. The sole issue is that all the attractive women, particularly the one he likes, are in the temple.

The episode starts out by introducing the main character and gradually unveils the backstory behind his actions. The show starts out gradually and then doesn’t really pick up in terms of plot, character development, or even motivations and goals. As the show progresses, it gets overly superficial and makes everything about lust, which, because it is done excessively, feels way too tiresome.

This show has terrible character arcs and development. None of the characters are intriguing whatsoever; they’re essentially a bunch of horny kids attempting to safeguard their temple. The protagonist appears superficial, and his love interest, Yuzuki, seems immature and childish, much like the other girls in the temple, making it difficult to connect with such weak characters.

The anime doesn’t take itself too seriously and does not expect us to either. Despite the protagonist’s tragic past, the impact it has had on the character is delivered in an odd manner. The anime attempts to experiment with a very specific type of humor. However, it appears to fall flat on the show.

The show fails to impress in any significant way. Everything concerning the show seems mediocre, from the color grading to the character sketch to the whole mood of the show, and it’s clear that very little creativity went into making it.

Overall, the anime falls short of its potential. Avoid this one at all costs, owing to its dull story, obnoxious characters, poor character growth, and lack of creativity.


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  • Verdict - 2/10

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