TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Seeing A Turtle Is Good Luck

In the first few minutes of TenPuru Episode 8, we find out that the girls at the temple are throwing a Christmas party. Akegami has cooked a delicious meal for the girls at the temple, and they couldn’t be happier. On the other hand, Akegami cannot wait to give Yuzuki the present he picked out, especially for her.

The randomness of the gift-giving process is revealed to Akegami shortly thereafter. He then proceeds to hand out coupons to everybody. As the night progresses, we see Akegami and Yuzuki bringing Santa a few goodies. Following that, they present each other with prayer beads as a gift. In Buddhist tradition, exchanging prayer beads is like tying the knot. When they finally grasp this, they grow awkward around each other.

Kiki-san arrives not long after. She continues by explaining that the tokudu ceremony must be moved inside the temple because of an issue. Earlier, we saw that Kagura give spa vouchers to everyone at the temple. Consequently, the ladies, joined by Akegami, decide to cash in their vouchers and enjoy a day at the spa.

The women are seen enjoying themselves at the spa while wearing minimal clothing. Turns out, Akegami was already there when they arrived. As if to spare their feelings, he goes into hiding.

It doesn’t take long for us to figure out that Kagura is behind this ruse. She then moves on to a discussion with the girls about what to do if Akegami happens to barge in. Following this, Akegami admits that he’s there. His transgression is quickly overlooked after a warning.

Later that day, everyone else leaves besides Kagura, Mia, and Akegami. Kagura is then seen attempting to woo Akegami shortly after. Kagura manages to hypnotise Mia when she walks in on them.

During the final moments of the episode, Kagura urging Akegami to leave the temple. She continues by asking him why he is even at the temple and what his intentions were. Her determination to remove Akegami from the temple brings this episode to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode centres on the Christmas celebration held at the temple. Following that, Kagura begins plotting to drive out Akegami from the temple.

The episode is consistent with the show’s style. It combines strange humour, extensive nudity, and just a trace of emotions. All of the characters, with the exception of Yuzuki, come across as extremely two-dimensional and juvenile. The quality of this episode and the previous ones is, at best, sub-par.

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