TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

What Color Is Your Underwear?

In episode 7 of TenPuru, due to the new deadline, Kiki-san begins training Akemitsu, Yuzuki, and Mia-san in tokudu. Kiki instructs the trainees to go commando because they do not have white undergarments. This causes problems for the trainees because they are shy and tempted by worldly pleasures.

Later that night, as part of their training, Kiki-san orders Akemitsu, Yuzuki, and Mia to sleep in the same room. This causes the trio great discomfort, and they end up not sleeping at all.

The following day, Kiki-san instructs Akemitsu, Yuzuki, and Mia to spend time in the sauna together, experiencing their worldly desires in order to overcome them. Akemitsu and Mia discuss their desires. Yuzuki, on the other hand, claims that she has no pervy thoughts. Soon after, Yuzuki admits to herself that the growing closeness between Akemitsu and Mia is making her uneasy.

Kiki-san assigns the trio a final task of relaxing. Following this, Mia admits that she misses Kurage and wishes to spend time with her. Soon after, Yuzuki notices Akemitsu being afraid of Christmas, which is coming up the following day. In light of his father’s history with several different women, Akemitsu is paranoid about the holiday. Yuzuki takes Akemitsu shopping for presents to ease Akemitsu’s anxiety.

While shopping for presents, the shop owner mistakes Yuzuki and Akemitsu as a couple. This causes a sense of tension between the two, but they overcome it. On Christmas Eve, the girls are seen discussing the impact Akemitsu has had on all of them, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The focus of the episode is on Akemitsu, Yuzuki, and Mia’s training under Kiki-san’s supervision. The episode additionally draws attention to Yuzuki’s uneasiness with Akemitsu and Mia’s bond since she is clearly drawn to him. The episode also discusses Akemitsu’s fear of Christmas. We also witness Yuzuki helping him overcome his fear.

The episode isn’t all that interesting or enjoyable. The show is starting to feel like a drag at this point because there isn’t much to look forward to week after week. The anime is overly superficial and makes everything about lust, which, because it is done excessively, feels way too tiresome. The show’s humor also falls short at this point, detracting from its quality.

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