TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

How Shall I Make You Take Responsibility?

Episode 5 of TenPuru begins with Akegami and Yuzuki returning from the love hotel. When Tsukuyo asks them if anything happened while they were together, they both disagree suspiciously. This makes her wonder if they’re being truthful. Tsukuyo and Yuzuki then leave for school and she advises Yuzuki not to reveal the fact that Akegami lives with them at school because it could damage their temple’s reputation.

At school, Tsukuyo’s classmates Mana and Yuki tell her that they saw her kissing Akegami. Tsukuyo attempts to explain that it didn’t happen but both girls begin to tease her, making her feel embarrassed. Soon after, Akegami arrives at school because Tsukuyo forgot to take her tiffin. She notices him and grows uneasy. She takes him to the nursing room without drawing attention.

Soon after, Mana and Yuki go to the nursing room. Fortunately, Tsukuyo is able to hide Akegami before they enter. He overhears Tsukuyo’s classmates discussing her break from archery. But the classmates end up noticing Akegami with Tsukuyo, embarrassing her again.

Later that day, Akegami confronts Tsukuyo about her break from archery. After avoiding the question for a while, he realizes she gave up the sport because she believes Yuzuki gives up a lot, including archery. Following that, he takes her to Yuzuki’s archery practice. Tsukuyo, blinded by her love for Yuzuki, quickly learns that she assumed Yuzuki was good at the sport. In reality, she is terrible at it.

Tsukuyo agrees to rejoin the archery group after learning that Yuzuki did not quit archery and that she is also terrible at it. The following day, Tsukuyo forgets her lunchbox yet again. When Akegami brings her lunchbox to school this time, she introduces him as a member of the family.

The Episode Review 

The episode revolves around Akegami discovering Tsukuyo’s hobby and assisting her in returning to it by removing the factor that is causing her guilt. The episode additionally reveals her profound admiration for Yuzuki.

The episode is the show’s most moving yet. Having said that, drawing unnecessary attention to female body parts and making everything about lust and sex really does make the show superficial.

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