TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Go Ahead And Take A Shower

Episode 4 of TenPuru begins with Akegami attempting to get Yuzuki to the matchmaking venue as soon as possible because she is running out of time. He rents a vehicle and drives her there.

We’ve been transported back in time. Kiki-san advises Yuzuki to court a man in order to buy herself some time and complete the procedure of saving the temple herself.

The matchmaking process appears to be proceeding smoothly. However, Akegami appears and complicates matters. Furthermore, Yuzuki is unwilling to lie and exploit Kijo for her and the temple’s benefit. She then proceeds to tell Kijo the truth about her intentions to court him.

Kijo refuses to assist Yuzuki, but Akegami saves the day. He assures Kijo that he will stand by Yuzuki and the temple till the end. He goes on to tell Kijo that Yuzuki and the temple saved him and that he wants to do everything he can to repay them. Kijo is taken aback by Akegami’s gesture. Following that, he suggests that Akegami court Yuzuki, to which he agrees.

Akegami and Yuzuki are on their way home. However, the last train has already left, and there are no taxis available. Following that, they check into an intimate hotel. Things become awkward for them in the hotel. They are both unable to suppress their lustful feelings, which complicates matters. The episode concludes with Akegami tying himself so he doesn’t take advantage of Yuzuki. Following this, he is blindfolded by Yuzuki.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Akegami making sure Yuzuki arrives on time at the matchmaking venue. Following that, he agrees to court Yuzuki.

The episode is neither fascinating nor entertaining. Additionally, the humour falls flat. The show is currently subpar at best.

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