Telltale – Lie Your Way Out | Album Review

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Lie your Way Out
Out Of Control!


Telltale is on the warpath, and Lie Your Way Out isn’t a love note or a postcard of undying affection. The band tries to unravel and sift through lost memories to find clarity but it does not solve their problems. Lyrically, the act has tightly woven some good poetry here, which highlights their worries and concerns. While the EP isn’t perfect, there are moments to enjoy.

Poppy elements have been instilled with intricacy, and the band does well to create a burgeoning atmosphere which circles around their songs. These tracks all commit to memory, and every well-tuned chorus spreads cathartic notes. Somberness also becomes a mainstay, which tries to break the band members’ resolve – but they hold strong.

The music isn’t too technical though, but there are times when the rasping guitars take control and summon a familiar, decisive sound.

‘Lie Your Way Out’ opens the record, and it’s a full throttle song worthy of praise and attention. The guitars generate a breakneck sound, and the vocals spit out feelings of dread. ‘Out Of Control!’ is a pop song with rock undertones, and the lyrics don’t really do the track justice, as it’s a little sickly sweet, though many people will confide in it.

COBAIN opens with a soft intro and then pushes on. The track has sheer guts, and it describes relentless touring and loneliness. ‘Lie Your Way Out’ is another poppy effort, and it conveys cold nights and near-death experiences. It’s a guitar driven morsel which has more substance than previous songs.

Telltale don’t light up the world with this release, but there are certainly moments to like on this.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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