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Episode 9 of Tell Me Your Secrets begins with Karen talking to Kit in the past, asking who he really is. He tells her that she’s going to be a question mark, as we then jump back to the present.

Emma and Pete go over the different tattoo markings Kit gave to different women, as Emma mentions the meaning behind the question marks. Apparently this is reserved for those that Kit opened up to and trusted. Well, that question mark on Amy happens to be the catalyst for what is, presumably, Karen jealously bashing the girl’s head in.

Pete reveals that the tattoo on her arm was supposed to be a question mark but actually the needle slipped. Kit accidentally fell in love with Karen and because of this, the tattoo was changed to a love heart. With the past still a blur, Pete tries in vain to help Emma remember that fateful night from the woods but right now, it’s still a big a blur.

Emma meets Jay who believes that Jess may have been doing drugs, hence the needle. When Jay leaves the cabin, Lisa shows up and questions whether Emma is sleeping with Pete. Emma vehemently rejects the idea and asks for Lisa’s help, especially given her connection to Saint Jerome. Lisa is hesitant, as memories of her time come tumbling back.

She tells Emma that there’s an attic in Saint Jerome. The one responsible is Rose’ Father, and he used to steal the girls’ eggs, making some women infertile in the process.

That evening, Emma heads in to Saint Jerome alone and begins investigating. She snaps photos and notices scratches across the walls. Rose shows up though and questions what she’s doing.

Well, Rose mentions the “dumb cop” and how Tom is now gone, suddenly rushing over to Emma and telling her that she loves her. Emma pulls away as she mentions that his father is the one responsible for all this and the monster. Rose rejects this idea and walks away in disgust.

Another flashback shows that Emma definitely didn’t kill Amy, and in fact she hung back with Theresa to try and get away from an enraged Kit. Theresa struck Kit in the face with a hammer.

Mary is shown security footage of John Tyler, who’s not exactly trying to be subtle. Anyway, Mary phones John and asks what’s going on. He then outright admits that he’s found Karen and she’s not sufferings. When he hangs up, Mary clings to the “down here” part of John’s statement and tries to work out what State he’s currently in.

John meanwhile, receives a message about his parole being breached. He’s irate and rings the murderer back, telling Mary that she needs to watch her back. She’s not the only one though, as John gets closer to Emma at the bar. He mentions how Tom wanted some space, which is why he’s not returning her calls.

The pair drink and play pool together, with Emma inviting John back to her cabin afterwards. There, he admits that he’s not a very nice person. Emma contemplates whether kids make parents better, as the two discuss their morals and dance around their past deeds. John starts to lose control though.

Mary rocks up in town and uses Rose to find out the address Emma is staying at. Mary vows that she’s not going to hurt anyone else ever again. As she races toward the cabin, John comes clean to Emma and admits that he’s raped 14 women but only been caught for 2 of them. She tries in vain to get away, as John demands the truth about what she did to Theresa.

As Emma hides away in her bedroom, the past becomes clear. Karen’s water broke when she left the apartment with Kit, prompting Theresa to drive her down to the hospital.

Only, Theresa happened to be driving with a hammer on her lap and started giggling, telling her they’re not going to the hospital. Emma dived out the van and rushed away, as Theresa stalked her with a hammer.

She was jealous of Emma being pregnant and wanted Kit for herself. Apparently Theresa was responsible for everything and set out to beat her with a hammer. As an act of self defense, Emma smacked Theresa in the head with a rock.

Back in the present, John grabs Emma by the face and pins her against the wall, “Gotcha.”

The Episode Review

Plot twists can be the best and worst thing in a series. At this point, Tell Me Your Secrets has twisted so much that it’s ended up in a place of pure ridiculousness. So it seems like Theresa was a killer after all and her apparent confession that it was “all me” seems to hint that she killed Amy and bashed her brains in. But for what? Why?

There’s no reasoning or understanding behind her actions, while the show leaves lots of unresolved and niggling plot holes. Mary’s murder has gone completely unchecked, no other officers have bothered to check up on Tom while Rose’s sudden confession of love really doesn’t feel genuine. And what happened to Mary’s early season hallucinations of Theresa? Have they just disappeared now?

Speaking of which, Theresa’s comic-book acting, giggling in the truck with a hammer, is a twist too far for this one. In fact it shows that no, there are absolutely no redeeming characters in this show. We really shouldn’t be worried for Theresa’s well-being, especially if she was really a murderer.

With everything leading to this final episode though, it remains to be seen exactly how this one will end.

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