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Now You See Me

Episode 7 of Tell Me Your Secrets begins with Pete talking to Emma, questioning her over the necklace and whether she has any involvement with Theresa. He believes that whatever happened that night is what’s triggered her amnesia. With the FBI closing in, Pete asks her to take a look at the crime scene phots in the hope that it’ll trigger something.

It’s no good though, although she does flashback to her time in the forest while cutting a client’s hair. After, she confronts Emma and tells her she’s the “girl from Seattle.” She hands over her contact details and tells her when she’s ready to figure it out, to come and see her.

John pretends to sport a broken down car by the side of the road, a ploy to get close to Tom given he’s a traffic cop. Lo and behold, Tom stops to help. John works his charming magic and manages to get a lift into town. On the way, he asks where the big hang-out spot is, and Tom mentions The Fly Trap bar.

Meanwhile, Mary tries to make amends with Jake, cooking chocolate chip cookies for him. He rejects her though and instead starts looking through Theresa’s belongings. There, she notices the picture of coach with the team, his eyes completely scratched out on the paper. Could there be bad blood there?

Anyway, John phones Mary telling her that he’s close to solving this case. Mary meanwhile, mentions that Theresa is dead and hangs up on him, ignoring John’s pleas to try and help her through this. Instead, she greets her Foundation for another speech. This time though it’s much more somber and bitter. The reality of the situation hits home, and Mary finally starts to grieve.

She heads back to the foundation and decides that everything has been for nothing, claiming that other sons and daughters have been found but not hers. Well, it’s not been for nothing then has it Mary. Anyway, she ushers away the cleaner who shows up and tells him the mausoleum is over.

John eventually sits with Tom and Emma, talking about the pretend book he’s supposedly writing. The plot however, is eerily similar to Emma’s life and she soon leaves. Alone, John manages to convince Tom to disclose roughly where Emma lives. Well, Emma continues to struggle, eventually showing up at Room 309 for a reading.

As she sits in front of this fortune teller, she’s understandably skeptical and is eventually given Sear’s tea; a drink that presumably helps remember the past. Emma awakens with a start, coughing and sputtering, as this woman questions why she has Jess’ necklace.

When she mentions the men arriving next door, Emma charges over and notices a girl lying in the shower knocked out. She’s breathing but there’s blood stains all over the bed sheets and she’s not in a good way. Emma becomes spooked and rushes away, which is probably just as well given John shows up.

Emma receives another package, this time including Jess’ phone with a letter reading “Truth” on the front. As Emma looks up at the sky, flashes from the past bleed through, including vivid images of a bloodied Jess glitching between her and Theresa. Emma is holding a rock, and she bashes Jess’ head with it.

The Episode Review

Alas the plot thickens. With John now larking about town and waiting for an opportune time to strike, this episode deals with Mary’s grief and Emma trying to piece together her past.

The former sees Mary’s selfishness come back again, showing that she only created the foundation to help herself rather than anyone else. Her telling the cleaner that she’s “not helped anyone” because her own daughter hasn’t been found is pretty selfish and just goes to show what sort of person she is.

By contrast, Emma is beginning to remember things more rapidly now, which makes sense given we’re getting closer to the end of the series. It seems like she may be responsible for killing Jess and Theresa too, although this could also be a red herring.

And what about that scratched out face of the coach? Could it be that he’s really the culprit all along? We’ll have to wait and see but if you’ve made it this far then undoubtedly you’ll be watching this one to the end.

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