Tell Me When (2021) – Netflix Movie Review

Tell Me When It’s Over

Tell Me When is a forgettable Mexican rom-com, missing ample doses of romance and comedy. It’s a movie that completely bungles a semi-interesting approach and lays its scenario on the screen in the most mundane and uninteresting way possible.

The story revolves around the age old adage of not working too hard and appreciating the beauty of life. It’s a theme that’s been played out in this genre for years and Tell Me When is in no mood to buck the usual trends now. Instead, we’re introduced to bubbling Pepe who takes his grandson Will out for a trip. During this time, Pepe implores the boy to live a little more and not be so consumed by work.

Fast forward one year and the worst case scenario comes to pass. Pepe is dead and Will is left to mourn his grandfather’s passing. Pepe has left him a notebook though, including a whole list of things to see and do in Mexico City. So off Will goes, ready to fulfill his Grandfather’s wishes.

On the way, Will bumps into Danielle and the two immediately hit it off. Roommate Beto is here too, used as a comedic anchor and resident matchmaker for the pair. Unfortunately the lack of chemistry between Danielle and Will is a serious roadblock. It also makes this comedic trio a bit of a dud.

The story itself follows all the usual hallmarks you’d expect from this genre but there’s an overwhelming feeling of mundanity while watching. The romance feels superficial, while the jokes feel forced and ham-fisted.

Much like some of the more recent slapstick and improv comedy selections on Netflix, every joke drags on for too long. Cocoa Krispies? Yep, expect a long joke about this. What about a long monologue about a bad day? That’s here too. These jokes completely suffocate the few witty gags in this film.

That’s ultimately the biggest irony because when the film stops trying so hard to be funny, it hits a good flow. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between.

It’s not all bad news though and the soundtrack throughout is actually really good. There’s some great montages accompanying this, but one can’t help but feel they’ve been included with the sole purpose of stretching out the run-time.

In fact, the funniest part of this film is actually the title. Tell Me When should be renamed Tell Me When It’s Over. There’s nothing to see here, and what few redeemable traits this movie has, they don’t warrant sitting through the 95 minute run-time.

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  • Verdict - 3.5/10

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