Tell Me Lies – Season 1 Episode 4 “Take off Your Pants & Jacket” Recap and Review

Take off Your Pants & Jacket

Catherine Missal’s Bree is in focus in episode 4 of Tell Me Lies Season 1. We see her getting ready to go to a party with Pippa. But Lucy isn’t going as Stephan does not want to go. And, he also has an interview for an internship at a prestigious law firm the next day.

At the party, Bree does hook up with Tim. He does not know that she is a virgin but regardless, doesn’t last long. In fact, he goes out just a bit too quickly for it to be usual. Bree comes back to her dorm the next morning with mixed feelings. Although her first sexual experience is underwhelming, she is excited about posting nude for the art class.

Lucy has stayed over in Stephan’s room and he invites her to the city after the interview to hang out. Lucy spots packets of condoms in his drawer, indicating he is indeed sleeping with other girls.

Pippa, at the start of the episode, mentioned in a casual conversation about Lucy taking birth control pills to allow him not to wear a condom while they do it. Stephan had already told Lucy in episode 2 that they are in an open relationship and haven’t put any labels on it.

Evan walks in, preparing to take drawing classes recently. Stephan lies about where he will stay for the night in the city. He says he will stay at Evan’s parent’s house, whereas he is staying at Diana’s.

At breakfast, Bree reveals her less-than-special night to her friends but sugarcoats it as the perfect night. She isn’t sure yet what to make of it and this seems like the right move. Wrigley sits with the three girls and inadvertently lets out that Stephan might still be seeing Diana. He also calls her more driven than Lucy. This insinuation does not sit well with her.

Right in the next scene, she goes up to her English professor and enquires about her grades and the advanced seminar next semester. She has been getting consecutive B pluses on her assignments to which the professor says she must do more. Lucy feigns being disturbed about Macy’s death and the professor has a kind response to it. She ensures that she will accommodate Lucy somehow.

Bree goes to the art class but is surprised to find Evan there. Although he does not look at her from the perspective of carnal pleasures, it just might show that he is interested in her. It cannot be just a coincidence, right? Television irony does not allow that usually. Stephan reaches Diana’s parent’s pad, which is impressive.

A painting in his dad’s office catches his eye. Diana asks him not to touch it but he still doe. It is a small moment but revealing about Stephan’s personality. Somehow, he is always rebelling and doing the exact opposite of what he is supposed to do. Bree watches porn that night to check if she will orgasm. Pippa has openly admitted to having them since high school, flustering both her best friends. Just then, Tim drops her a message, asking her to come over.

A repeat of what happened on the first night happens here as well, filling Bree with even more doubt in her head. Tim might not just be the right person for her. Lucy discusses her electric bond with Stephan with Bree. In the very first instance, she just knew he was the perfect guy for her and made her body feel things she hadn’t felt before.

Bree is deep in thought about this statement, which is genuine feedback for starters. Stephan waits nervously in the lobby for the interview. Instead of a man, an attractive female associate takes his interview. Drew, now getting better, walks up to Bree in the library and apologizes.

Bree, still upset about how he ditched her and Tim, ignores his request and even insults him by saying she will not sleep with him just because he apologized. Stephan’s interview starts well but his natural charm gradually turns against him.

He crosses a line with the female associate, even lying about visiting Europe to impress her. Unfortunately, he bombs the interview, taking away his chances of getting the internship, which would have been a big step in his dream of becoming an attorney. At one of Diana’s parties, the three girls go together.

They’re chilling in a room with Wrigley when Diana walks in. Seeing her, Bree indicates to Lucy that they should leave, but Pippa doesn’t come along, choosing to stay in the room. The friends find this a little bitchy but when Bree spots Tim at the party, she confronts him for not even saying hello to her. He accuses her of unnecessarily pressuring him by not telling him about her virginity. Bree is stunned by the accusation and breaks up with him. She is heartbroken, and has doubts about her appearance, wondering if she is attractive enough for guys.

She goes to Drew’s dorm where she kisses him in her confusion but Drew comforts her after finishing. He does not reveal about Macy’s incident but it seems the two are on good terms now. Stephan calls Lucy to the city and they make love at Diana’s pad, Lucy having no idea bout it. She sees the condoms once again in her shaving kit and confronts him about not going to parties with her.

Stephan strikes back and slyly turns it against her. She is the one who thinks she did something wrong and apologizes. What a guy this man is! He can literally manipulate almost anyone. Probably people with legal acumen are not his thing. Bree and Evan share a heartfelt moment. She gets a postcard from her foster sister, which she reads out loud.

Evan reveals that he has broken up with Allie, and for us, this is how it started between these two: with an art class where Bree posed nude. They carry the conversation well and seem like the right people for each other. The three friends are reunited in Pippa’s room and the misunderstandings are cleared.

Pippa and Bree push Lucy to try out other partners as Stephan is okay with it. She goes to Max and they have a date together. While awake in her dorm bed, she suddenly gets the urge to walk over to Stephan’s room and stays the night. In the morning, while using the toilet, she notices the packets of condoms in the dustbin, and goes back to Stephan in bed, without any clear indications of what is going on in her head.

The Episode Review

This episode truly defines what the show is all about; mystery, to the point, that even the characters are themselves not sure of what they feel or how to proceed next. This confusing, ambiguous tone does not add charm, though, to the storytelling.

It might keep us coming back to see what lies next but watching the episode, I felt a bit too underinformed. Certain unsure actions of Lucy and the toxicity in her relationship are finally beginning to show. Also, there is also the impression that Stephan is not a completely black and white character. He is not entirely at fault for how Lucy feels, a departure from the notion set up in the first three episodes.

Admittedly, Catherine Missal has been my favorite of the three and it was nice to see her the focus of the story in this episode. The scene involving her and Evan was probably the first time this show felt normal and genuine like we’re used to.

Tell Me Lies has a selection of unlikeable characters for you to choose from. Although it certainly isn’t a negative for it, there is a tendency for the viewer to stay aloof. That is how I felt watching episode 4.

Also, how many parties do these people have? Is this common for universities in America to have them that frequently? Episode 4 had almost three, while the count for the season hitherto must be in double digits. We haven’t even reached midway! Everything substantial seems to be happening there and hence, they’ve unwittingly become a sort of motif. And that too without meaning!

It is hard to make up your mind about Tell Me Lies. A part of you likes it; the other hates it. The love-hate relationship might just continue for the rest of the season.

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  1. Just finished episode 4.Feeling bad for Lucy’s vulnerability in love. She surrenders herself to Stephen completely- physically and even mentally(he even gaslights her)- so far as to go on the contraceptive pill so that Stephen can enjoy her in all possible ways and flood semen deep inside her vagina every time. This man doesn’t deserve that pleasure having fucked around with Diana(for whom he is concerned and “uses condoms”) but uses Lucy as a cumdump to satisfy all his lust for her curves. I hope she leaves him to find a man who not only fills her insides with seven but also fills her heart with joy and care. Hoping she doesn’t catch an STD after all that unprotected intercourse.

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