Tell Me Lies – Season 1 Episode 3 “We Don’t Touch, We Collide” Recap & Review

We Don’t Touch, We Collide

The focus in this episode’s start is on Wrigley, the cheerful to-be football captain of the college. He is arguably the most popular guy among the boys and the girls. He is good-looking, has amazing shape, and will probably be a professional football player if all goes well.

But for now, we see a vulnerable Wrigley on screen, one who gets cortisone injected in the knees for pain; the one who has to report to the counsellor to ask if he is eligible to play football owing to poor grades; and Wrigley with a learning disability. That is indeed the big takeaway. He is embarrassed to ask for extra minutes to write a test because he cannot read properly. With everything going around him, Wrigley’s biggest problem of them all is his brother, Drew.

The younger brother hasn’t been himself since Macy’s incident. He has built a wall around him and has become inaccessible. That has Wrigley worried to no end. Pippa is someone who also makes him nervous. The two haven’t put any labels on their “thing”, yet. Their reluctance to embrace each other as partners is a worrying sign of a more severe emotional shortcoming. Lucy and Steven’s relationship is going well. She is majoring in English and the response to her assignment is not as she expected. Her fictional character is based on her own personality and the people in her group find the character “too distance, cold, and uncompassionate”. Just like her.

Lucy also has an allergic reaction to something on her chest – probably the sickening feeling that no one seems to like or understand her. Wrigley finally catches a glimpse of Drew on campus and he seems withdrawn. He seems too depressed to be left alone and Wrigley invites him out later. In Professor Schultz’s class, Steven and Diana, who both get a perfect score on the test, compete for a position as a research assistant to Schultz, an inviting proposition. In the canteen, Steven makes fun of Wrigley for reading very slowly. Wrigley reaches the disability office to get himself extra time on the test but is embarrassed when Tim, one of the boys from his group, sees him there. Tim is feigning sickness to get free Adderall.

Pippa’s issues are also kind of surfacing after she reveals she changed high schools in her senior year. And the fact that she doe snot like talking about her past, at all. Her reluctance and pride are mistaken for insensitivity, as Lucy and Bree share an even stronger bonding together. Pippa also refuses to call Wrigley her boyfriend, indicating emotional and attachment issues. After a love-making session, Lucy finds out that the hair tie Steven gives her from under his bed isn’t hers. He confesses that he wouldn’t feel bad if Lucy slept with other guys. Lucy is confused and unclear about the idea. Pippa goes with Steven to Diana’s party, whereas Lucy and Bree go to another party as only freshmen and plus ones are invited to the former.

Pippa warns Lucy not to share her feelings with Steven for him, saying her value will “decrease in his eyes” if she opens up. Girl, you are emotionally damaged! She definitely has issues to sort out and hopefully, by the end of season 1, we will see her progress. Wrigley and Pippa both flirt with other people at the party. Bree and Lucy just about avoid arrest by police officers, who make a sudden alcohol check at the bar they have gone to. That is where Lucy meets Max (from episode 1 ), the owner of the establishment through his father. Drew gets a bit too drunk and falls off the stairs. Diana arranges transport for Wrigley and Steven to drop him off at his house.

Pippa comes along too and learns his secret about Macy when Wrigley confesses it to her. It is so clear that both of them care about each other but are not admitting it. With time, it might improve and it is definitely something to look forward to. Max approaches Lucy as Bree is called away by Tim to another party. She says she is single and sleeps with him, acting on Steven’s advice and showing she is equal to his in terms of dating independence. As expected, Wrigley isn’t able to complete his test and will most probably fail. Drew sits outside his room and sleeps on his couch, indicating that Wrigley’s efforts to get closer to him are working out.

Schultz reveals he has given the position to Diana. Steven goes straight to her dorm after this and waits for her to come. When she does, they have hate sex with each other, and then Diana decides she cannot see him again. Steven says her problem is that she cannot let things go, indicating her bitterness with Steven cheating on her. Lucy watches a video of Diana singing and gets even more jealous and intimidated by her. Wrigley confesses to Pippa he didn’t want to drag her into this drama and apologizes. He asks if she will still hang out with him and she says yes.

Lucy and Steven have another date, where the former makes a raunchy confession to the latter about having him all to herself. Steven then receives a call from Diana about maybe getting back together but keeping their “hanging out” a secret for now. Steven says he can be “her secret” but as it turns out, he is someone else’s secret too. He starts browsing the photos on his laptop of the girls he has been with. Soon enough, we see photos of Macy on the laptop, and in some pictures, she is barely in her underwear. Seeing her face, he gets a tear in his eyes, indicating they did have something special and he was indeed the “embarrassing secret” that Macy was about to confess to Lucy in episode 1.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 was all about trying to dig deeper into the psyches of our main characters and reveal hidden secrets about their past. Almost everyone has something that they’re hiding from the rest. The balancing act of protecting the suspense in the story and the drama in the exposition was good in this episode. Creators are gradually beginning to find their feet and bring out the inherent perversity of the literary source. Things are just about to start getting weird and all over the place; the chaos has served the readers of the novel well. the show will benefit from some of that in action on the screen.

But there is a feeling that I cannot shrug off as a viewer. Season 1 of Tell me Lies still feels like any other high-school show about steamy romances on the better side of age. There is no distinguishing characteristic or feel to the story, yet. All of it seems a bit too formulaic for my liking. Episode 3 continues in that tradition, only slightly deviating from the trend. Some extra brownie points for bucking the easy path.

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