Tehran – Season 2 Episode 7 “Betty” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Tehran Season 2 starts with Faraz leaving after shooting Ali. Haunted by the memories of what he’s done, Faraz struggles to hold it together as he screams into the mirror.

When the authorities show, they mention how Ali has been killed, but Faraz tries to feign ignorance. The scene has been set up by Faraz himself to make it look like Ali commit suicide but there are holes in his story.

As for Tamar, she’s still seeing visions of those horrific hangings. Remembering why she’s doing all of this, Tamar’s attention turns to Betty, the car that can be hacked. She intends to use this as the key to stopping The General after the botched tennis court incident.

Tamar works to plant the bug, with Milad sneaking along in the distance while she keeps Peyman occupied in his fancy house. While they drink wine together, Tamar shows what an amazing agent she is, taking her earpiece out while Milad is kissing her and putting it in her coat pocket. The same pocket, I may add, that Peyman is groping nearby.

However, the whole operation is compromised when Peyman’s ex, Yasaman, shows up. Amir demands Milad stop bugging the car and get out, given it’s an unpredictable situation.

Drama ensues upstairs when Yasaman pushes Tamar over, and as she leaves, Tamar learns that Milad was unsuccessful. So the only way now is for Tamar to show up that night to the big party and bug the car then.

With things looking precarious, Marjan heads over to Faraz’s place and asks for his help. She has photo evidence of him killing Ali, promising to send it onto The General’s men unless he plays ball.

Well, play ball he does. Faraz shows up under the alias of Mr Kamali, working on behalf of Peyman. When they head into the car together, Faraz admits that Ali was closing to blowing Tamar’s cover.

Tamar meanwhile, is blinded by her anger and what happened to her aunt. As the pair trade ideas and morals, Faraz eventually decides to play ball but promises Marjan (whom he speaks to after) that if he goes down, then she’s going too.

When Tamar heads out with Peyman, things take another awful turn. After driving over in Betty to The General’s place, it turns out Mohammadi has been working on another car, oNe that’s far more powerful. This immediately piques Peyman’s interesting, while leaving things hanging precariously on a knife-edge.

Tamar seizes her opportunity to sneak away, setting the bug up in the new car rather than Betty. Struggling to hold it together, Tamar has difficulty confronting The General after what’s happened. The thing is, Tamar has actually bugged the wrong car, given this alternate is not for The General – it’s for Peyman. Given they can’t control Mohammadi’s car now, they’re in a tough spot.

With Tamar ringing Milad and telling him not to do this, Milad defies her pleas and decides to take control of Peyman’s car while the father/son duo head out for a race through the winding roads.

Everything goes awry, the brakes fail, and Peyman falls off the cliff to his doom. The operation is a massive failure, The General is still alive and Tamar is stuck in the middle of this ensuing storm.

The Episode Review

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tamar is an awful agent. She’s lucky that Peyman didn’t discover the earpiece, and throughout this entire season she’s proven herself to be a massive liability. She has a big  problem doing even the most simplest of espionage tasks and it’s a wonder that she’s managed to make it this far.

The whole endeavour involving Betty and the new car is a nice twist but it’s also one that could have been resolved by Tamar asking The General about the cars, or at least probing that idea to Peyman. Given she’s already deep behind enemy lines, surely she could have met the General and asked about the “cool new car” and who it’s for.

Despite some grievances, this is still a nail-biting thriller that has a really nice way of sucking you into the action and leaving you sweating over some of these set-pieces.

As far as this penultimate episode goes, everything is wracked up in tension and drama, with the ending hinting that The General is going to hit out and spiral into anger and revenge. Will Tamar manage to make it out of this one alive? We’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. Tamar couldn’t meet with the General because he knows her face as public enemy #1 and has been chasing her since season 1. That’s why Tamar hid from the General.

  2. spoiler alert:
    fearless forecast!
    peyman will be driving the leeched car, and the mossad will crash it on the car mohammedi is driving!
    this is getting formulaic, just scripted suspense and twists

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