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Tehran – Season 2 Episode 5 “Double Fault” Recap & Review

Double Fault

Episode 5 of Tehran Season 2 starts with Milad being thrown into a crowded jail cell. He’s in deep trouble and only a miracle can save him now. Mossad aren’t intending to break him out either, given they don’t have the resources to spare.

Marjan lies to Tamar, claiming she’s going to bust him out of the North Tehran police station. Tamar is not so sure but she’s on a mission herself, with a golden opportunity to poison Mohammadi through Peyman.

There’s less trace with poison rather than a booby-trapped phone, which kinda throws the whole plan with Vahid into question. Nahid is also restless too, given Marjan hasn’t shown up to their therapy session on account of an emergency.

Speaking of which, Tamar rings Vahid, pretending to be shook up and scared. She speaks about Milad being caught in prison and he tells them he has a way of breaking him out, given he’s close with the police. As we know, he’s the one who actually put him there in the first place.

Interestingly, Milad’s old buddy Shahin is in the same cell too, and he’s been through quite the ordeal.

Milad stays calm with the police as they question why he was at Vahid’s compound. He’s beaten for his efforts, eventually brought back in with a bloody cuts across his face to show for it. While he sits with Shahin, Tamar shows up at the police station with Vahid.

When they park up outside, he questions her ties with Peyman and any potential romantic links. He encourages her to cancel the upcoming date she had scheduled, delaying the poisoning gig to free Milad in the process.

Tamar and Vahid arrive just in time. Milad’s name is run through the system by police officers who demand to know what he’s hiding. Vahid and Tamar sit at the station, twiddling their thumbs.

Milad is eventually freed but in doing so, Tamar finds out that it was Vahid who had him arrested in the first place.

With the side quest completed and Vahid no longer trying to pursue Tamar, that leaves our protagonist free to carry on the mission. She shows up to see Peyman and reveals all, including how Vahid had Milad arrested. Vahid meanwhile, is approached by Faraz who decides to use him for his own devices.

As the episode draws to a close, Faraz shows up at the tennis club but receives a call from Marjan, who blows her own cover, demanding he show up back home and see Nahid. She wants the game to go on like normal but for Faraz, this flies in the face of his own principles – especially when he notices Tamar there. What will he choose to do?

The Episode Review

So this whole episode essentially revolves around compounded mistakes. It was a mistake to get Milad involved in this. A mistake to try and free him and a mistake that’s messed up the while mission. But it’s also one that could have been easily avoided. Although Tamar manages to spin this to her advantage, the whole episode is an exercise in frustration.

Despite that, there’s still a good amount of tension in this chapter, especially toward the end, and the shorter episode run-time allows this to be a far more snappy episode than one may expect.

Overall though, this second season of Tehran hasn’t been as good as the first but it’s still an enjoyable watch, flaws and all.

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