Tehran – Season 2 Episode 4 “The Rich Kids” Recap & Review

The Rich Kids

Episode 4 of Tehran Season 2 starts with Nahid waking Faraz up with a kiss. These good vibes are soon squashed though when Faraz is called away for an early morning meeting with Mohammadi. Unbeknownst to him, his car has been bugged and his every move is being traced.

Faraz shows up to see Mohammadi, who happens to be with his son, Peyman. As they begin talking, Faraz warns that here are forces conspiring against him and he needs to be careful. It’s a brief meeting in truth, something that’s dwarfed by Marjan talking to Tamar, briefing her on the current plan to take out Mohammadi.

Milad is worried that Peyman is going to get caught in the crossfire. Although he’s reassured that everything will be fine, he’s definitely a loose cannon in all this.

As for Tamar, she shows up at Vahid’s place, scouting the place during a big party. This is her opportunity to get close to Peyman, who happens to be there partying. She senses an opportunity when she notices Peyman arguing with a young woman called Yasmana. Naturally, she approaches Yas and through that, naturally starts a conversation with Peyman.

As Vahid and Peyman both dunk each other under the water, Tamar takes off with Peyman’s phone, hacking in and connecting with Milad.

Meanwhile, Marjan continues her therapy sessions with Nahid. However, these sessions are being recorded for Mossad, unbeknownst to Nahid of course. During an interval, Marjan speaks to Milad, who confirms what’s going on. Only, there’s a problem. Faraz is en-route and she needs to be quick. The tension here suffocating, as Tamar finds herself in hot water with Peyman, especially when he notices her with the phone.

Now, we’ve seen that Tamar is a pretty bad agent in the past and this episode continues that trend too. She stays close to Peyman but she’s nervous, fidgety and her leg shakes uncontrollably as they sit together. Given Faraz is heading to the villa, Tamar manages to slip away just in time to avoid detection. She stays by the stairwell, determined to finish the data transfer she started. Part of this involves staying as close to Peyman as possible.

When Faraz eventfully does leave, it gives Tamar the opportunity to head back downstairs with the other party guests. When the transfer is complete, Tamar just needs to switch the phones over. She’s given a lift home from Peyman but of course Milad is spotted outside by Vahid, who brings him in for a drink – and to probe information on Tamar.

When Tamar heads home, Milad isn’t there. He’s still over at the villa and unfortunately, Vahid plants drugs on him in the process. This is all part of Vahid’s plan, as we see the police have been tipped off. They find the drugs on Milad and arrest him. Oh dear.

The Episode Review

Tamar really isn’t a great agent. This is something established in the last season and it’s an unfortunate trend that continues into this chapter too. Tamar is incredibly nervous while doing the phone data transfer and while I do understand this must be nerve-wracking, surely an undercover agent would compose themselves a bit better than that?

And then we come to Milad, who has been established as a liability a while back and thus, typifies this trait perfectly this episode when he stupidly trusts Vahid and is found with drugs on his possession. I’d imagine the next episode will see Tamar try to free Milad from prison, serving as a nice distraction from the main plotline. While tense and nerve-wracking, Tehran continues to slip up with the same problems it’s always been plagued with when it comes to its questionable character motives. Ultimately, this one is an enjoyably flawed thriller.

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