Tehran – Season 2 Episode 3 “PTSD” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Tehran Season 2 starts with Milad haunted by what happened to Babak last episode. H’s got cold feet and wants to run away to Vancouver and be done with this, just like they were always going to. Tamar tries to reassure her partner, telling him to calm down and stick to their plan. For now, Tamar leaves for the gym to meet with Vahid.

Meanwhile, Faraz brings in a psychologist to help Nahid. Only, it’s ironically Marjan who shows up at the door. She talks about how she fell in love with her husband Hussain and, in turn, fell in love with Iran. She also reveals that he died 13 years back. It’s a convincing story but actually unknown right now whether that’s actually the truth or another lie concocted to bring Faraz ono her side.

Faraz seems to think the same thing and does some research into her. Liaising with Ali on the phone, it would appear that everything online is clean. When he leaves the house, Marjan gets to work, heading into the bathroom and throwing away the pills. In doing so, she returns to Nahid and tries to broach the subject of the General to her but she’s no quite there yet.

As Tamar heads to the gym and continues her plan, Milad breaks protocol and heads to Babak’s place, clearing out the safe and taking off with his dog. Unfortunately, Faraz has his contacts everywhere and he’s spotted doing this. Faraz shows up at the apartment just as Milad is packing his gear up and leaving.

Milad narrowly misses Faraz, passing him in the elevator while he uses the stairs. Gritting his teeth, Faraz phones Ali and lets him know. However, Faraz is still suspicious about Marjan, and breaks into the doctor’s office, looking around for clues. Marjan receives a notification on her phone, as it’s revealed she has a hidden camera set up there.

Milad continues to show himself to be a massive liability, as he arrives at Vahid’s place and causes a massive scene. It completely compromises Tamar’s plan, and results in them being followed by the police on their way back from his place. It’s touch and go for a while, but the pair do manage to evade the authorities. Unfortunately, it also results in Babak’s dog being shot when he runs off.

That night, Marjan calls out Faraz for breaking into her office. She wants to call the whole thing off but given Nahid’s improved mood and how the therapy seems to be working, Faraz invites her back again. Not long after, Faraz also learns that Babak is dead. Vahid finds out too, although more pressing than that, he allows Tamar back into his inner-circle again. For now, the plan is still on but for how long?

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Tehran is both frustrating and nail-biting in equal measure. Milad is a massive liability and almost ruins the whole operation. He’s incredibly lucky Faraz passed him on the stairs when he did. At the same time, there’s a good deal of drama involving Marjan here, who manages to worm her way into the Faraz household for her plan involving Nahid.

Although this was a shorter episode this time around, it’s no less interesting and appealing. Hopefully the rest of the season can build on this and deliver exciting espionage action. There’s definitely enough to like here, and the ending hints that we’ve got some big episodes ahead of us.

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