Tehran – Season 2 Episode 2 “Change of Plan” Recap & Review

Change of Plan

Episode 2 of Tehran Season 2 starts with Israel rocked over the death of Arezoo and the other prisoners. Tamar rings Milad, telling him to come outside and meet her. Unfortunately Faraz happens to be in the streets, and he spots Milad leaving. He hurriedly phones Ali, giving him instructions on where their man is.

Ali chases Milad through the streets, hopping over rooftops to try and track him down. This delay means Tamar is more likely to be spotted too, as she’s driven through the streets to meet her partner. It’s touch and go for a while, but thanks to Tamar intervening, the pair manage to make it to safety, away from Faraz.

With them safe for now, Tamar admits she’s working with Mossad again to help get him extracted. Milad urges her not to, wanting them to be together. Their ride to Canada is literally right there but for Tamar, this is personal now. After Arezoo’s death, she’s blinded by rage, and decides to stay and finish what she stated. Regrettably, Milad does the same thing.

Over at Faraz’s place, General Mohammadi shows up with his men to do a “quick sweep” of their apartment. He’s not happy and a little suspicious that Faraz is working, despite being suspended. That’s only exacerbated by him actually managing to track down Tamar and Milad. Off the back of this, the General gives Faraz an opportunity to prove himself, giving him his job back.

Faraz is bombarded with calls from Nahid the next day, who’s worried and acting erratically. Between this and his interrogations, Faraz starts to lose control. He smashes his cane over the back of Azizi when he makes fun of Faraz’s wife. Eventually Azizi gives them Babak’s name.

Meanwhile, Tamar decides to use Milad’s contacts to get closer to Mohammadi. She intends to befriend Peyman, the General’s son, and then use that as a shortcut to get close to the General. It’s a risky plan, and as she feeds this back to Yulia, she agrees to pass this idea on. For now though, Tamar is to get some rest.

In the morning, she awakens to find Marjan Montazemi, the female agent we saw in the hospital and talking to Tamar the previous evening, in the kitchen. The trio sit together and discuss the validity of Tamar’s plan.

First up, Milad is tasked with contacting Vahid. The first instance is a bust, prompting Milad to go one step further and show up in person at the gym.

After a lot of persuasion, he manages to convince Vahid to play ball, getting a foot in the door. The revenge for Milad’s betrayal comes swiftly, as a man shows up at the apartment and begins choking out Milad.

Thankfully Tamar is there and she manages to take him down. Vahid rings soon after, setting up a meet. The trouble is, with the drug dealer passed out in the living room and Marjan refusing to help, the meet is given an extra tinge of tension as everything starts to escalate.

While Vahid and Tamar talk, Milad takes care of their dealer problem, choking him out and killing the man. When Marjan finds out she’s not happy. She points out it could have been Milad that died.

That night, Yulia and Marjan talk, discussing how it’s no coincidence that Faraz was reinstated. He knows Tamar and can go after him. The other problem is Milad. Yulia tasks Marjan with “taking care” of this.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Tehran starts to tighten the screw now as we see Tamar’s operation come into fruition. She intends to get revenge on the General for killing her aunt. For Tamar this is personal but it’s a risky plan, especially as it involves Milad. As we’ve seen from the end of this episode, it’s clear that he’s putting them at risk and Marjan is going to have to “take care” of him.

The other intriguing element of this stems from Faraz and his part to play in this drama. He’s definitely a loose cannon and could well be the key to tracking down and stopping Tamar.

This dangerous game of cat and mouse is just stating to heat up – will our characters manage to withstand the heat?

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