Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) Ending Explained – What happened to Stydia?

Teen Wolf: The Movie Plot Synopsis

Teen Wolf: The Movie is a reunion film based on the MTV TV show Teen Wolf. It follows the pack, now in their 30s living their lives away from Beacon Hills. However, as fate would have it, they are pulled back to their home town after a mysterious sighting of their dead friend, Allison. They hope to put her at peace by performing a ritual, however, it ends up bringing her back to life.

And what would have been a joyous reunion ends up in blood and tears as an evil trickster spirit, the nogitsune has plans for the newly-resurrected Allison. But with several complicated storylines woven into one and the absence of one of the fan-favourites, Stiles and his relationship with Lydia (responsible for one of the cutest ships – Stydia) have viewers left with several questions. So, what really happens in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Why does the pack return to Beacon Hills?

15 years after the events of Teen Wolf, the show, all of the characters have gone their separate ways. However, on one fateful night after a mysterious man frees the nogitsune from Liam and the kitsune Hikari, Scott, Lydia and Chris Argent start hallucinating Allison who had been killed by the nogitsune.

They all rush back to Beacon Hills as they believe that they need to perform a ritual to put her soul at peace. To help complete the ritual, they ask for the help of Jackson and Malia. Meanwhile, Liam returns to town to alert the pack that the nogitsune has escaped.

What is going on with the established relationships in the show?

While Scott and Malia ended up together in the finale of the show, the movie shows that they ended up breaking up and are now awkward but friendly enough to help each other when needed. He instead ends up with Allison at the end of the film. Malia on the other hand is now with Parrish.

Jackson who realised that he liked men at the end of the show started dating Ethan and is still with him. Stiles and Lydia break up while Derek is a single father with a 15-year-old son, Eli. Chris Argent has a strained relationship with Scott’s mother, Melissa while Liam and Hikari are together.

How does Allison come back from the dead and help the nogitsune?

Adrian Harris, the Beacon Hills chemistry teacher, who ended up being a casualty while Scott was battling the druid, returns from the dead. To get revenge, he frees the nogitsune who was being guarded by Liam. The nogitsune tricks Scott, Malia and Lydia into performing a ritual at the sacred grove that brings back Allison.

However, she only has a few select memories that allow the trickster to manipulate her into wanting to kill Scott and Derek. He shows her visions of her dead mother and tells her that Scott killed her. He makes her fatally wound Scott and lure her father Chris, Melissa and Peter Hale to the lacrosse field which is next to the gateway to his world where he will make the final move.

What is the nogitsune’s plan?

Everyone who is stabbed with the Oni’s sword disappears like Mason, Liam, Derek, Sheriff Stilinski, Deaton, Eli and Hikari. They are teleported to the nogitsune’s world and tied up. And with the spirit being a trickster, he tries to play a game with the pack by bringing everyone to the lacrosse field where a match is going on.

Meanwhile, Harris burns down Rowan trees to create enough mountain ash to encircle the whole lacrosse field. This stops the supernatural creatures from leaving the field. Scott believes that the nogitsune would kill all of his friends as well as the 10,000 audience members. When the pack is cornered and almost defeated, the nogitsune accepts Scott’s surrender and tells Allison to shoot him in the heart.

In a sleight of hands, Scott uses Hikari’s kitsune shield to protect him and while the nogitsune is surprised, the pack overpowers him and Allison shoots him. But instead of dying, the nogitsune reveals that he is also a werewolf and traps Derek, Eli and Scott in an illusion.

How does Allison get her memories back?

Allison at first refuses to listen to Scott and fatally wounds him. When he tells her that her motto was to protect the weak, she remembers it but pushes the memory aside. Once she brings him to a storeroom on the lacrosse field, he again begs her to give him a chance. He tells her that she died in his arms and that the nogitsune is manipulating her.

She is finally tired of his pleas and agrees to listen to him. He gives her his wallet and she sees that he kept a photo of them together from the time when they had gone to an ice rink with Stiles and Lydia. She remembers the ice rink and he pushes further. He tells her about the high school dance and how he had told her that he loved her for the first time. She only remembers Jackson and Lydia but Scott is not disheartened.

He tells her about the time they broke up and she remembers it. She cures him by burning his wound with a flare and gets flashbacks to the time he had been possessed and almost killed himself with a flare. But she doesn’t fully remember him and leaves to find the one person she does – her father.

She is later teleported to the nogitsune’s world where she and Scott fight off the Oni side by side. It seems that they are losing while Jackson and Lydia watch from an underground portal. Jackson tells Lydia to use her banshee wail and she screams which not only hurt the Oni but also brings back all of Allison’s memories.

What happened to Stydia – Stiles and Lydia?

In an attempt to stop Harris from killing Jackson, Lydia shares her pain and tells him that she left Stiles. She says she kept having recurring dreams of her and Stiles in a car accident. She is alive but Stiles dies. She kept getting the dreams and started wondering if it was a premonition and if it would come true if she stayed with him. 

Does Derek die?

Despite Allison shooting the nogitsune in the head, he doesn’t die. Instead, he reminds the pack that he had been bitten by an alpha and turns into a werewolf. He separates Eli, Derek and Scott in an illusion and attacks them. But the three find each other and take him down. But the only way to kill the nogitsune is to light him on fire with the help of Parrish.

Derek realizes that Eli has become a part of Scott’s pack and that someone needs to hold the nogitsune down to kill him. He pushes Scott away to look after Eli as his alpha after he is gone and tells Parrish to light him and the nogitsune up. As he burns, his selfless act makes him a true alpha before he dies.



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