Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Death Is Bad

RIP Mr Koontz

Episode 5 of Teenage Bounty Hunters begins with the school rocked by the death of substitute teacher Mr Koontz. He died on a park bench eating a sandwich. Despite Blair not remembering who he is, Sterling steps forward and decides they should commemorate the teacher.

Meanwhile, Bowser introduces the girls to his new apartment. Only, when he refers to Amazon as Amazong, the girls realize he needs some serious help and agree to stand by his side.

At Yogurtopia, the celebrity bounty hunter Terrance Coin happens to be there. The girls are immediately infatuated by him, prompting Bowser to shake his head in disbelief. That disbelief continues with their next target – a slippery stripper by the name of Cherry Grigio.

The Strip Club

Although Bowser isn’t so sure he should take it, the girls manage to convince Yolanda to pick up the case. While juggling this, Miles and Blair hit a rocky patch. Blair believes she’s being haunted by the ghost of Mr Koontz. Sterling meanwhile realizes Luke is being clingy and starts to back away from him.

Between prepping the memorial at school, the two girls head to the strip club with Bowser. He leads them inside where Terrance happens to be. Only, Terrance isn’t working and even worse, Cherry has a baby. This means they can’t bring her in without a guardian taking the child first.

With the girls tasked with watching the exits, Blair starts to see the substitute teacher in her vision. Bowser tells it straight though, telling Blair there may not be a Heaven or a Hell. While they talk, Terrance starts stirring things up, as Cherry drinks alcohol infront of Bowser.

Given he can’t take her in under the influence, he’s forced to stay by her side. Because of this, he tells the girls to go home.

The Break-Up

Mr Koontz’s memorial begins and April predictably – and hilariously – goes over the top with her reaction. Blair meanwhile, heads outside and sees Miles. The two talk plainly, where Blair admits that the imaginary haunting is really messing her up and she’s not sure about her feelings.

Back at the memorial, Sterling takes over. She mentions how lonely doesn’t equate to being alone. On the back of her speech, she marches off stage after Luke’s song is aimed at her rather than the teacher. As Luke races after her, with tears in her eyes, Sterling tells him she needs some space.

Meanwhile, Bowser manages to outsmart Cherry in the car and takes her into custody (at least we’re led to assume so, given we don’t see that scene). As the episode closes out, Miles and Blair finally sleep together.

The Episode Review

The thematic relevance of loneliness not always equating to actually being alone is a really nice touch and definitely helps give this episode some substance. The bounty hunting element however, seems to be thrown on the back-burner a bit.

The whole Sterling romance angle has had problems from the start and here we see that spill over in the messiest possible way.

Sterling has broken up with Luke now which is fine… but she also forced herself on him and knew that he was emotionally fragile. He even told her that he wanted to have sex after being married to make it more special.

As we cross the halfway point of this drama, all eyes now turn to see exactly what the second half has in store for us.

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