Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel

Heads Will Roll

Police arrive at the scene of a crime as episode 3 of Teenage Bounty Hunters kicks off with a decapitated statue. As news starts spreading around town, Sterling has problems of her own. She struggles to keep her composure in the wake of her confession about the sex incident.

Eventually she plucks up enough courage to head into school but everyone keeps a wide berth from her. April takes advantage of this of course, and tells Sterling to stay away.

As Luke and Sterling stay strong and together, the rest of the school shun them. This includes taking the Captaincy away from Luke and kicking him out the golf club.

Thankfully Blair shows up and decides they need to find a different clique to slip into. Things obviously don’t go to plan though and they continue to experience issues.

Meanwhile, Bowser briefs the team on their next target – Clea Kincaid. This 24 year old has been arrested for cutting heads off statues in the past and may well be their target.

Given the recent statue decapitation, they need to find which statue she’s going to target next. As they check a map, Sterling comments that it looks like a pattern of a penis.

Big Daddy

Determined to try and find out more, Blair and Sterling sideline this in favour of a family brunch up at the Country Club. Once there, Miles follows up on the date proposal and asks Blair to meet. For now she brushes this aside and promises to follow up in the near future.

Inside, the meal with “Big Daddy” doesn’t go to plan. The conversation turns to the statue decapitation and given Blair’s views, it contradicts that of the Southern heritage that “Big Daddy” holds so close to his heart. He excuses himself from the table.

It turns out Clea is actually targeting statues from an American war and together with Bowser, start to piece together exactly which statues she’s going to target next.

However, Sterling has issues of her own to deal with. She continues to search around for a new crew but ironically, the “bad kids” actually happen to be social justice warriors. Instead of joining them, Sterling bolts.

Meanwhile, Miles goes on his date with Blair and she prepares for the worst. Only, when he shows up looking suave and hot she soon changes her tune.

It turns out he’s into some cool hobbies too and Blair seriously underestimated him. Given she’s taken him to Bargain Hole, he instead decides to go to a college party.

Back home, Debbie and Anderson discuss Big Daddy and the prospect of the latter becoming his partner. Only, things don’t go to plan and he doesn’t make the cut. Debbie is not happy though and seems to have an ulterior motive.

Later on, Anderson puts his foot down and quits his job. Debbie however, is shocked over this revelation.

The College Party

Blair and Sterling head up to the party where the former tries to act cool infront of Miles. With 2 hours until they need to meet Bowser, they decide to wait around and bide their time. Bowser meanwhile, goes on a stake-out at a nearby statue.

Soon, he finds out it’s not the right statue given its made of granite. At the same time, Sterling gets blind drunk at the party and she’s no help to her sister. She is helpful to the case though, and figures out which statue is going to be hit next.

After vomiting all over the map, it turns out Clea’s actually hitting statues near high schools.

Bowser reconvenes with the girls and they find Clea in the act. Just before taking her in, Bowser lets her finish cutting off the head.

Back at school, Sterling returns and finds herself surrounded by kids who talk to her about the college party drinking. They flock around her like a cult as April watches her from afar.

Unfortunately this causes problems at home as her Mother finds out about the incident. She immediately decides that Sterling needs to sleep outside from now on and shows her a tent.

The Episode Review

With a few nice ideas, the themes themselves are a bit on-the-nose despite how welcome they are here. The humour is starting to settle into a much more consistent rhythm. It also helps that this Debbie sub-plot is starting to take off and hopefully this will expanded on much more going forward.

The stuff with Miles is a great touch and certainly helps knock Blair down a peg. The whole message around not judging a book by its cover is an important and very welcome lesson in this series.

For now though, the episodic bounty hunts continue but this is very much a teen melodrama first and action thriller second, despite what the first episode seemed to show. Still, there’s just enough here to keep you watching.

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