Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

What’s A Jennings?

The Cover Story

Episode 2 of Teenage Bounty Hunters begins with Blair and Sterling practicing their unconventional bounty-hunting skills. However, they realize they’re going to be late for church and rush up with little time to spare.

As the pastor gives a rousing sermon about a “sex challenge”, the two girls get to work and start talking about their boyfriends and love. Bowser sighs heavily before getting down to brass tacks. They need to get their alibi straight and come up with a story that makes sense for their bonds-woman in charge, Yolanda.

That story happens to be of Blair and Sterling being Olympic athletes. It seems to work for now and Kenneth Chu is their next target. Together, they find the last known address for him – Blossom Hills retirement home. While Kenneth isn’t there, they do find a Linda Chu who happens to be his grandmother.

As they head outside, the trio find out Kenneth does have a life but his social media profile go under the alias Tookie. Realizing that Tookie’s partner works at a salon in East Lake, the girls excitedly squeal over the possibility of a stake-out.

The School Rumours

April returns to school, much to the panicked Sterling and Blair who do their usual inner-monologue thing together. It turns out April still has the condom wrapper and tells Sterling to resign from Fellowship by Friday or else.

Blair and Sterling get there first and use this to their advantage, spreading rumours about the condom wrapper.

Blair sits with her boyfriend Jennings and tries to connect with him. Only, he’s obviously a bit of an airhead and she struggles to connect intimately with him. As they start kissing, Jennings also kisses with his eyes open and it causes Blair to realize she may not be falling in love. Instead, she takes the plunge and breaks up with him.

Unfortunately Blair blows their chances of catching Kenneth by heading into the salon and asking Tookie’s girlfriend outright about him. She bolts, driving North with Kenneth presumably riding along too.

With the rumours a bust, April turns her attention to Luke and admits that she knows about the condom. Mumbling his way through the conversation, April takes control. This inevitably brings Sterling to April who promises to stop if she resigns.

Blossom Hills

That evening, the sisters head to the store but realize the notes they have are counterfeits. This means they have a lead to go on. After phoning Bowser and letting him know, they meet him at Blossom Hills again. This time, they find Kenneth inside. A chase ensues, one that sees the trio team up together to catch their target.

In the aftermath to this, Sterling decides to use her position of Fellowship at school to her advantage. She stands up infront of everyone and admit to her own sins. Together with the class, she admits to what she’s done. She gives up her position and lets April take over.

The Episode Review

The humour this time around is much better written – and more consistent too. The silliness and slapstick are backed up nicely by the unbelievable plot line and this is certainly not a series to be taken seriously.

For now it appears the story is going to take on a more episodic approach, with different targets between each episode. This is then interwoven around the high school drama which bridges everything together.

With no word around why Debbie’s picture was up on the Wanted board, this plot line has been left to the back-burner for now.

However, seeing more of Sterling’s inner conflict over what she’s done is a nice touch and certainly helps give her some much needed characterisation. Quite what will happen next though, remains to be seen.

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