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The Bounty Hunting Squad

With 10 episodes, lots of teen angst and plenty of drama to chew over, we’ve got a handy character guide to get you up to scratch on who everyone is!

Of course, everything here is completely spoiler-free too.

Sterling (Maddie Phillips)

Sterling is one of the 16 year old twin sisters and pretty handy with a gun. She’s romantically involved with Luke, who’s her long-term partner at school, and someone she’s just had sex with. Sterling is the more level-headed of the two twins.

Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini)

Blair is the fiery, rash twin who’s romantically involved with a guy of her own. Only, he ends up as a minor character (hence why they’re not on this list). She initially writes off valet Miles but soon learns not to judge a book by its cover.

Bowser (Kadeem Hardison)

A veteran bounty hunter, Bowser takes the girls under his wing and agrees to work with them to catch various different felons. He has a kind heart but also has a wealth of knowledge in the business. He too holds some secrets about his past.

Yolanda (Shirley Rumierk)

Yolanda is Bowser’s Bonds-woman and assigns him various different skips to work. She also happens to have a romantic history with Bowser.

Debbie (Virginia Williams)

Debbie is Blair and Sterling’s Mother. She seems to have the girls’ interests at heart and is generally well-regarded in the community. She also hides a pretty big secret, which is revealed in part at the end of episode 1.

Anderson (Mackenzie Astin)

Anderson is the girls’ Father and a bit of a softy. He works for “Big Daddy” and looks out for the girls. He also seems to know more than her’s letting on about his wife’s past.

Miles (Myles Evans)

Miles is the valet for the Country Club but soon becomes more involved in the story across the episodes. He’s confident and manages to hold his own with Blair.

Luke (Spencer House)

Heavily religious, Luke is Sterling’s boyfriend and really kind-hearted. He’s a bit clingy and an air-head at times but he has good intentions and cares about Sterling’s well-being.

April (Devon Hales)

April is essentially Sterling’s biggest rival at school. She’s the perfect student but has a grudge against our protagonist following an incident in the past. She sets out to make Sterling’s life hell.

So there we have it, that’s our list of the main (and supporting) characters in Teenage Bounty Hunters. There are more of course, but these are the main ones we follow across the 10 episodes.

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